Edema of the leg after a knee injury

Hello! I am 25 years old. I was injured in August 2013, fell off a motorcycle at a sick speed. The knee did not hurt, there were no bruises, no signs that I hit it. But after 2-3 months I found not a big swelling of the right knee, but there were not any pains, only minor discomfort due to swelling. In the beginning I thought that it would pass, but she did not pass. Then I went to the traumatologist, he prescribed me compresses with dimexid. One of these days has made MRT. Result of MRI. The anterior cruciate ligament is uneven, has uneven and fuzzy contours, an unevenly elevated MR signal at T1-VI and in GRE mode.
Menisci triangular in shape, beyond the jointsites are not located. The height of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, the structure is non-uniform, due to a linear hypertensive region in T1i in the GRE mode, oriented horizontally, with a dense contour, extending to the dorsal surface of the meniscus and connected to the joint cavity. Lateral meniscus of usual height.
The infratellar fatty body is not biased; the structure is homogeneous.
The expressed quantity of liquid insuprapatellar synovial pouch and in the joint cavity. In the upper lateral turn, iso-hypoencephalous in all modes of inclusion, ovoid and triangular, with a distinct, even contour, 16x8 mm and 13x5 mm (Blood clots?) Are noted. Periarticular soft tissues are unchanged. The conclusion. at the right of the right knee joint, an "old" horizontal rupture of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus was revealed, the intra-connective lesion of the anterior cruciate ligament. Synovitis (the inclusion of the hemorrhagic component is not excluded) Signs of deforming osteoarthritis-1 st. After MRT it became sometimes when walking a bit ache a little, I do not know it or after MRT or this auto-suggestion already. I had not noticed anything before. Whether tell or say all on so it is sad, it is necessary to do or make operation? Can advise what be medicamentous? Now I will always have a swollen knee? For earlier I am grateful to you for the answer!

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