Severe swelling of the legs and hands

In the 1970s suffered a severe sore throat. In the subsequent year, bronchitis. Since 1981, uterine myoma has been found. Since 1984 angina pectoris. Since 1990 pyelonephritis with a pressure of 120 and 80 mm Hg. Since 1997, blood pressure rises to 180 and 120 mm. Since 2001, blood sugar has increased from 5.5 to 8, dizziness from the sweet has appeared. Have begun frequent headaches, dizziness, fatigue. (it is impossible to climb the stairs without dyspnea).

The daytime urination became more frequent, it appeared nightly up to 4 times a night. Strong swelling on the legs, face, arms. Neurosis. Deposition of salts in the kidneys, joints (severe pain in the left knee). It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid to 3 - 4 liters per day.

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