Shortness of breath and swelling of the legs

Kandul Nina Grigorievna 61 yo, Krivoi Rog

There were problems: Elevated pressure 200120, sleep disturbance. Injury of the knee: pain, swelling, blueness of the leg.

Accepted: Phytopreparation "Comfort" - 1 month, balance - 2 months, Phytopreparation "Frilife" - 3 months, Phytopreparation "Omega Complex" - 3 months.

Result: I achieved a decrease in pressure to 170100, normalization of sleep, restoration of knee joint function for 3 weeks, despite great physical activity (work in the mountains). I feel cheerful.

Kryshennik Anna Denisovna 90 years Uzhgorod

I had some problems: In 2000, my mother suffered a stroke, was lying down, the right side and arm did not work. Blood pressure increased. Sugar in the blood rose. The legs were swollen, the right leg was purple-red, the thumb was very painful - an abscess formed. Problems with the intestines (constipation).

Accepted: during the year phytocomplexes: Balance, Freelife, OK, Klinhelp, Breakblock, Livesef, Breeze, Layfgard, F. active "," Chitosan "," Antiparasite "according to the published in the journal diagrams.

Result: The bowel work was normalized. Itself moves around the house, without additional help, the leg has acquired a normal color, the finger does not hurt, the pressure and sugar are normal.

Maksimenko Anna Vasilievna 57 years old Бобринец, Кировоградская обл.

There were problems: high blood pressure, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs; severe pain in the lumbar spine; the right kidney did not work well; my legs hurt very much, I could hardly walk.

1 st month - Phytopreparations "OK", "Sanklin", "Comfort", "Balance";

2 nd month - Phytopreparations "Klinhelp", "Sanklin", "OK", "Antiparasit";

The third month - Phytopreparations "Klinhelp", "Breeze", "OK", "Antiparasite";

4-th month - Phytopreparations "Frilife", "Breeze", "Dynamics";

5-th and 6-th - according to the scheme number 2, subgroup "B".

Result: The result is excellent - I can walk freely, there is no shortness of breath, which left on the 3rd day after the reception of phytocomplexes, the swelling of my legs is gone, the kidneys are working normally and at the moment I feel wonderful! Even pressure does not bother!