Swelling of the legs after walking

You must know this terrible feeling, covering your legs, when you come home in the evening. What's with them, where does this weight, swelling and pain come from? Why swell the legs?

The reasons why your legs swell, there may be a lot. Among them, in the forefront are:

Why do legs swell and how to deal with it?

  • flat feet,
  • violation of the cardiovascular rhythm,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • a number of specific diseases of the "elephant leg" type.
  • problems with the kidneys,
  • banal pregnancy,
  • a recent respiratory disease,
  • stasis of lymph flow in the subcutaneous tissue.

And here it's worth including not the most useful habit of sitting cross-legged or in Turkish, spending a long time on too soft or too low chairs.

If you do not know the exact reason why the feetswelling, the most prudent act will be going to the doctor: this may be a sign of processes that should not be started. Especially if puffiness does not subside, despite all your actions.

How to find the reason why the legs swell? Doctors say this:

  • at renal pathologies Edema formed on the back of the legs. It is not accompanied by pain or itching. But the temperature on the surface of the edema is slightly increased, under the eyes appear circles, the color of urine changes, and the amount noticeably decreases; eyelids also swell.
  • at intestinal problems External swelling is similar to "kidney", but with urination there are no problems, but there is a prolonged diarrhea.
  • at varicose enlargement edema begins imperceptibly. After an overnight rest the legs come back to normal, but in the afternoon everything starts again. Very often only one leg swells. With the progression of varicose veins become more and more.
  • at cardiovascular failure edema appear after a long walk and accompanied by wheezing, shortness of breath, increased heart rate.
  • at Thyroid gland diseases edema is elastic, palpation does not occur. There are also swelling of the tongue, shoulders, decay of strength.

How to prevent the moment when the legs swell?

On your side - the most simple rules, the adherence to which does not require much effort.

  • Often wear low-heeled shoes.
  • Do not walk in one shoe more than a couple of days in a row.
  • If possible, try to stay up more oftenback to a flat surface and raise your legs so that they are above your head. You can put your feet on the wall or put them on the back of the sofa. Lie so for at least ten minutes.
  • Sleep with a large soft roller under your feet.
  • Try to rest more often, gently massaging the lower leg and calf muscles.
  • Find special stockings that will help in the fight against swelling.
  • Try foot baths with the addition of decongestants.
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