Edema of the legs that take

Often the occurrence of swelling of the lower extremitiesis a sign of the patient developing venous pathology. Since many diseases are accompanied by this symptom, it is very important at the stage of diagnosis to make a correct assessment of the patient's condition and to determine the cause of edema of the legs.

What triggers the onset of edema?

The appearance of edema can be a consequence of the development of diseases of the vascular system, musculoskeletal system or a number of diseases:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency;
  • Osteoarticular pathology (reactive polyarthritis, deforming osteoarthritis);
  • Lymphovenous insufficiency (phlebolymphedema);
  • Idiopathic orthostatic edema;
  • Lymphedema;
  • Thrombosis of deep veins, acute character;
  • Kidney disease (nephropathy of pregnant women, chronic and acute glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetic glomerulosclerosis);
  • Liver diseases (malignant tumor, cirrhosis);
  • Insufficiency of the circulatory system, including heart disease, etc .;
  • The cause of the appearance of edema may be the taking of medications.

Rare cases include the occurrence of edema of the legs, caused by conditions accompanied by hypoproteinemia and venous dysplasia.

Turning to the clinic "Krede Expert", you trust your health professionals. Our doctors will conduct a complex of diagnostic procedures that will identify the causes of edema.

With the exception of rare cases, the diagnosis of edematous lower limb syndrome is carried out without the involvement of instrumental methods.

In the differential diagnosis of edema, anamnestic data is of fundamental importance. First of all, the doctor finds out from the patient the following questions:

  • Area of ​​edema localization;
  • The moment of the beginning of development, daily development;
  • Lifestyle / work;
  • Information on previously transmitted diseases;
  • What drugs the patient is taking at the moment.

Swelling of the legs is a serious indication for the diagnosis. The presence of swelling signals that it is necessary to immediately investigate the cause of its appearance in the therapist, phlebologist or surgeon.

Go through the diagnostics of leg edema in the clinic "Krede Experto". Our specialists will determine their cause, make a treatment plan and help to maintain health.

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