Edema of the feet at grandmother's

Thank you very much for your attention, dear doctors. Unfortunately, a full examination is problematic, since the grandmother refuses to leave the apartment and go to the hospital. She has a persistent conviction that you need to die at home, so any attempts to take action on the survey are taken with great resentment.
I certainly exaggerated when I said that shethe indicator is normal. Of course the norm is very conditional. I do not have the sample of tests with me. I can specify the indicators. but without measurement units. Biochemistry: glucose 4 (norm 3-5). cholesterol 3,5 (norm 3,9 -5,7), CRP - otr. ALT 11, AST 18. creatinine 132 (norm 44-98) UAC: hemoglobin - 89%. erythrocytes 3.0 (the norm is 4.5-5). leukocytes 5.7 (norm 6-8). lymphocytes 40 (norm or rate 23) tsv. the figure is -2.9, the plate of bizzazzero is 194 (the norm is 250-300). ESR 10. OAM - did not. ECG did in December - on his hands there, again the doctor said - that all the typical age-related changes, the symptoms of heart failure.
She does not have shortness of breath. There are complaints of pain in the hand. periodic, amplified. if a lot of hand moved (apparently elbow joint, although it points to the shoulder). Saves analgin. He says that nothing helps anymore. Only my feet swelled. The abdomen is not changed. In such a form that the swelling began to look menacing - weeks 4. The water began to ooze the day before yesterday.
She eats and drinks normally. a glass of 3 tea and a bowl of soup. More - hardly. In another liquid food is not necessary, because it feeds fully.
Today I contacted the doctor, as it seemedthat an ankle is formed on the foot - it was recommended to lubricate the left-hand column. Pressure and pulse measure ourselves. The pressure of course is different. Sometimes there is a lower 90-60, sometimes it is 140-80. Under reduced pressure, the pulse slows to 55 beats per minute.
In general, her condition was normal. It and now in general usual (except edemas of legs or foots). More about her condition I can not say anything. I think from the examinations we can hold only the ECG and give blood again. I'm afraid. that other types of research are inaccessible to us.

If you want your grandmother to survive, you needadequate care, hospitalization. Your grandmother has a deep anemia, the causes of which you need to look for and which you need to treat, and kidney failure. You did not make a mistake in the color score? Is he really 2.9? Grandmother does not have any sensory impairments (does not feel sex, shoes, gait disturbance?) What is the level of potassium? It is important.I asked about the amount of fluid received not by chance.You have to count every day how much she drank and how much she allocated urine in ml. I did not receive my own question.

Yours faithfully

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The dear doctor! Of course we want grandmother to live as long as possible. And we want her to live her last years in peace and love! Our grandmother of legal capacity is not deprived, and we can not make a decision about her hospitalization for her. She is categorical in this matter.
It is clear that we are unlikely to be able to cure it ourselves, we just want to relieve her condition, because now she complains that her skin on her legs hurts, from tension.
Concerning questions about anemia. Yes. she has such and such indicators for the last year accurately. Several times drank Totem. BUT, even after the course of the drug, the indices do not change, but as a side problem, there are problems with the stool.
The sensitivity of the legs is present. Feels feet and the floor and to the touch distinguishes the floor surface, carpet, sneakers. A day drinks in total (along with soup) not less than 1 liter of liquid. Maybe a little more. BUT in this quantity we are sure, because we take food together. But she can drink more and when no one is home. Urination is approximately equal to the amount of liquid drunk. At least she goes to the toilet regularly, she does not experience any difficulties. He says that the amount of fluid released has not changed.
Something like that. And thank you very much for your attention to our topic.

Dear doctors. Many thanks for your attention and advice! It is very important to get independent opinion to understand where to move next! I very much trust doctors of this forum, because in my difficult situations I could be helped here. And this time too they did not leave without support. The current week was summoned by the therapist and through her - we will call the surgeon for an examination. Once again many thanks! Let's try to donate blood again, incl. on creatinine, potassium, lipid spectrum. Just a patient we have this, not quite normal, hence all the difficulties that would normally not have arisen Thanks again, and to all of you a big greetings and health wishes from my granny