Leg edema diet

Often swelling of the legs appear in healthy peopledue to improperly selected food system, starvation or insufficiently balanced diet, overwork. Small swelling can occur as in young girls with slender beautiful legs. and in women who are overweight.

Swelling of the legs in people who, due to specificitytheir profession work standing or spend on their feet most of the working time, arises from the long-term and increased pressure in the capillaries of the legs, and also because of the incorrectly selected shoes.

Swelling of the legs will be facilitated (reduced) ifsome time to sit with your legs raised up or raised, you can also use gels based on plant extracts, which will serve as prevention of evening swelling.

It is strongly recommended to buy comfortable to wear shoes, paying attention to the stability of the heel, a sufficient width of the platform, naturalness and softness of materials. Women in the 40-50 years who spend a lot of time standing up for a day need such women's shoes of large sizes. which will not squeeze the feet and do not interfere with blood circulation.

You need to buy with some margin, that is, during fitting, shoes should not strongly compress their legs, but be fit. «I will buy and later distribute "- a common cause of the onset of puffiness of the legs and further aggravation of this problem.

Now draw the attention of women who are interested in diet with swelling of the legs.

Analyze the characteristics of the body, weight, availabilitydiseases, etc. should only be a qualified doctor. Edema of the legs diet, found in open sources, will not cure, but irreversible damage can cause. Required consultation specialist!