Chemotherapy foot swelling

Many patients who have such a disease asBreast cancer is treated at the clinic rather late. Often they have 2 or 3 stages of the disease. In this case, the operation and course of chemotherapy is simply inevitable. And any interference in the human body has consequences for his future health. As far as they are serious, even doctors can not answer, because each patient has his own individual characteristics.

After the operation to remove the cancerchest tumor, many patients are faced with edema of the upper limbs and upper chest. Also after the course of chemotherapy in women, a decrease in immunity is observed. In this connection, swelling with cancer. Immunity after chemotherapy deserve special attention.

Swelling after surgery for the removal of a cancerous breast tumor

This side effect is very frequent andcalled lymphedema. The cause of this unpleasant consequence is that during the operation, not only the cancerous tumor is removed, but also the infected lymph nodes are removed. And when removing the lymph nodes, the doctor breaks the vascular system, along which the lymph moves. Since it does not have the ability to move further along the system, stagnation occurs. It appears as an upper extremity edema.

Such a state of patients requires carefulobservations in the clinic, because in the stagnant lymph can spread microbes, which will inevitably lead to an abscess. In addition, a recurrence of breast cancer may occur.

At the first manifestations of lymphedema,seek appropriate treatment in the clinic. Edema can occur before the operation, which is caused by the same violation of the lymphatic vessels and the tumor that has spread to them.

The human immune system every dayis endangered. Bad ecology, malnutrition, frequent diseases - all this seriously reduces immunity. It is well known that this system is capable of restoring the body without the help of external factors. But how she reacts to chemotherapy, no one can answer.

Self-cope with cancer cellsthe patient's immune system can not. Since cancer cells can mask themselves into healthy cells during the mutation process, the immune system simply does not respond to them. But there are also cases when cancer cells are already very many and healthy cells can not overcome them. In both cases, doctors prescribe a chemotherapy course for a woman.

Although chemotherapy is a non-immune methodtreatment, it greatly reduces the immunity of the patient. After all, drugs and irradiation affect all cells, both healthy and infected to the same extent. As a result of this influence, the immune system is inhibited and can not independently fight any other infections, and the recovery processes become slower. In this case, the doctor usually prescribes additional tests and, if necessary, prescribes a number of drugs that increase the weakened immunity. In addition to medicines, a special diet is prescribed, which helps the body to recover.

Such common diagnoses as swelling in cancer, immunity after chemotherapy decreased, although they are common, goodare treated. And, as a rule, do not cause much harm to the patient's body. But this is only if the woman immediately turns to the doctor for help, and does not delay the disease. Remember that the earlier you visit the clinic, the more chances you have for a normal further life.