Swelling of both legs

Husband. 36 years.
Russia Krasnodar Territory. Slavyansk in the Kuban.

Tell me please. I'm 36 years old, working for me and not sitting down and not much on my feet, though loads are great on my feet (industrial climbing). My legs never hurt much, I did not attach any special significance, I really have a flat foot some strong, well, I do not understand medical terms, and doctors have no time to go, just before going through the military commissariat they told me it was not good, flat feet. heart failure. in childhood he had hepatitis. etc., just do not think that I deliberately mowed from the army, I just did not even know about all of these sores until I was examined, and I'm afraid to go to doctors since childhood, like that. So a week ago, I felt swollen and swollen both feet, feet, heels and a little bit more terribly, I can not step, I walk around the house in small steps, all the bones ache inside the foot, some kind of burning, tingling. Last year he worked in the frost and frostbitten both legs, it was terribly simple, the skin on both feet on his fingers completely peeled off, there was a strong swelling, all the nails on my feet were climbing, well, as I said, the doctors are afraid, he began to treat everything himself. He treated Vishnevsky with ointment, Olazol, sprinkled with baby powder, it was very painful to walk, it festered at first, I myself ripped the skin, squeezed out all the pus and liquid under the skin to leave a clean wound and smeared Vishnevsky, while continuing to go to work wrapping bandages and going through pain, but this is my opinion, it's just that I think that it's impossible to lie with illnesses, because then everything will heal longer, when the left-hander loses all hope of recovery and needs to overcome the pain through life that goes on. And so I achieved excellent results, almost a month later, I developed a new skin on my fingers, the sensitivity of my legs appeared, and a month later new nails were grown on all my fingers, there was not a trace left of defilement, only small scars and legs became completely sensitive . And now, after a year now, these swellings, from which I can not understand, the truth is again a little frostbitten feet, because you have to work in thin summer krosovkah even in winter, the legs should be as sensitive as possible at work at altitude, because our life depends on this. Thanks in advance for the help if someone prompts or advises.

This is most likely the consequences of frostbite. With all the desire, such work is contraindicated to you, at least in the cold season. In any case, you have to overcome yourself and go to the doctor, it's hardly possible to act correctly in such a situation. At least it will be clarified about the true causes of your complaints, treatment is prescribed. Without this it is difficult to advise in absentia.

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Perhaps, of course, edema is associated with frostbite, but it raises doubts about "cardiac
insufficiency "among your diagnoses. To not guess, go full

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General practitioner, therapist

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