Massage of swollen feet

Returning home after a day's work, you simply "do not feel your feet under yourself." However, you should take off your shoes, as after a while your legs remind you of yourself with pain, "buzz" and swelling.

And this is repeated every day, and meanwhile, all the doctors you have already visited and they say: the reason for swelling is one - fatigue and excessive strain on the legs. How can you help yourself in this case?

To look after tired, edematous legs or foots, it is possible as follows:

• Pamper your feet in the bathroom: for the foot bath you can use just cold (not ice) water, or water with the addition of sea salt from the calculation: one teaspoon of salt per liter of water.

• Instead of salt in the same quantities, you can add pine or cedar oil. In such a bath it is worth keeping your feet about twenty minutes.

• Instead of a bath, you can wipe the swollen legs with pieces of ice.

• After this, rub your legs, moving from bottom to top.

• Finally, you should sit or lie down quietly for about half an hour, lifting your legs to the elevation, at an angle of 30-50 degrees.

• You can also use special ointments that reduce swelling of the legs. In this case, before buying ointments, it is better to consult a doctor.

It is also worth taking simple preventive measures in order to avoid the occurrence of edema of the legs.

• If you are a woman, try to wear shoes on a flat or relatively flat sole. Leave high heels for special occasions.

• Use orthopedic insoles.

• Regularly engage in fitness, especially exercises that strengthen the muscles of the legs.

• During the day, even if you have to spend all your time on your feet, take the time to sit and rest, perhaps to do a quick foot massage.

• Use compression tights that support the vessels in a tone and do not allow blood to stagnate.

• Avoid oily and spicy foods that adversely affect the blood vessels.