I swell from salted

I have already noticed that with the introduction to the dieteven the slightest amount of salt is swelling in the legs. I sit in ahue) Today's event is just epic. Not legs, but two stumps. Well, adding salt "a little bit" in any boiled brew is nonsense. It is better to avoid it altogether. It seems that the beans from the jar were the optimal boiled food)))))). In any case, it was better than what I cook myself. Soy sauce with a light movement of my disharman's hand was neatly placed in a garbage bag to be thrown out fucking tomorrow. I have a feeling that soy sauce is boring to one in the package, and he really wants that the vegetable oil that the bitch is so fatty that I will soon drip off from it will fall off. Well, I'm not used to this amount of fat for 2.5 years on fruit. Eat the same boiled pork without salt, soy sauce, spices or vegetable oil - delirium and felony).

HOW TO FILL WITHOUT OIL? md. Gg. It turns out that the fruit fruit, trying to dishonor, resembles a small 5 year old girl with a hefty and heavy pistol in her hands, which nevertheless tries to win world champions in shooting