My legs become wet with swelling

With lymphostasis, a lot of money is tested, but it does not get better, what to do?

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My mother underwent surgery for endoprostheticsright hip joint, three months after the operation, everything was fine, but after it began swelling in the legs, on this side of the legs fluid flows and to hell with hell pains and so for 8 months already. Lying in the hospital, smeared a bunch of ointments drank a bunch of medicines, passed a bunch of tests and all to no avail. I any more do not know than to her to help or assist?

ANSWERED: 12.07.2012 Krasilnikov Andrey Viktorovich Samara 0.0 Head of the center. Surgeon-phlebologist, ultrasound diagnostician

A bunch of tests that showed what the reasonedema, what diagnosis is made, a lot of drugs prescribed, whether compression knitwear is used, etc. etc. Before asking a question on the Internet, you need to give the consultant maximum information.

REFINING QUESTION 13.07.2012 Fomina Ekaterina, Almaty

Testing of biopsies on protein, total, diduzi of all organs, all organs are more or less normal. Doctors say that the problem with the vessels, since the mother is full, we threw off the weight slowly. The compression knitwear was applied before the feet began to wet. Now I'm off my feet from foot to knee in a white raid and now I'm going, some kind of black liquid. In this case, the diagnosis of the face, gangrene is not set. They said that during the operation of the hip joint, it was possible to touch the vessel. They put Lymphostasis. In the winter of this year I stayed in hospitals because swelling from my legs reached the lungs. the body was like a huge ball. Mom all these swellings have removed, but legs or foots all the same in edemas and become wet from them the liquid and plus hellish pains oozes. Medicines avtovine, Veroshpiron, Aspirin Cardio, Mildronate Kwamatel, Sumamed 500, ferretab, furosemide. asparks. hypothiazide. Aldaron, Clexan, digoxin, dextran, pentoxifylline 5.0 and this is the current part of the medication. Purulent Surgeon: Chronic lympho-venous insufficiency with trophic disorders. Recommended: daily bandage with betadine. Angiosurgeon: Chronic lympho-venous insufficiency with trophic disorders. That's what to do and how else can you help her? Now she lives a current on anaesthetising and that so has perepil and has pinned, that the intoxication has gone. I understand that on the Internet you can not write everything.

ANSWER: 13.07.2012 Krasilnikov Andrey Viktorovich Samara 0.0 Head of the center. Surgeon-phlebologist, ultrasound diagnostician

Catherine, I, as a phlebologist, are interested in whatconfirmed the diagnosis of lympho-venous insufficiency. Was the duplex scan of veins and lymphoscintigraphy done? All other studies, as well as prescribed treatment, do not give information about this