Can I soar my legs with swelling of my legs?

  • Why do hot foot baths help?
  • When you can not soar your baby's legs?
  • How to soar baby legs?
  • What can be used to prepare the solution?

To the chagrin of any mom, children get sick very often. Rhinitis is one of the most common health problems in infants. Can I soar my feet with a cold? At what age can this be done? How correctly to prepare a solution for this procedure? How long should it last? Can I soar my legs if my child has a fever?

These and many other questions often torment the youngMom. At the age of up to 6 years, the child develops an immune system, so doctors say that frequent illnesses at this age are routine training of the body. Children are ill with viral diseases or simply supercooled. In both cases, a terrible leak begins from the child's spout, and the swelling of the nasal mucosa does not let you breathe at night, preventing the baby from sleeping normally. In this case, do not immediately resort to drugs. First you need to trust the old grandmother's ways how to put the baby on its feet. One of these methods is warming up the child's legs in a basin with warm water and various additives.

Why do hot foot baths help?

The feet are a very important reflexogenic zone of the wholeorganism. Not without reason, having drenched his feet in the rain the day before, a man in the morning feels a sore throat and a stuffy nose. When the feet become cold, reflexively there is a negative effect on the nasal cavity and pharynx.

Therefore, when warming up the feet, there is a curative effect on the respiratory tract.

In addition, when the feet are exposed to high water temperatures, vasodilation is noted, the blood flow is increased, and from the upper part of the trunk it pours down.

There is an outflow of fluid from inflamed tissues, the swelling of the nasal mucosa decreases, it becomes easier to breathe the sick, the child feels better. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to soar the child's legs.

There is another reason why steaminglegs is considered a very useful procedure. As mentioned above, it activates the bloodstream in the body, promoting a faster movement of leukocytes and lymphocytes in the blood. Their struggle with the disease becomes more productive.

When you can not soar your baby's legs?

Soar your feet, too, you need right. Especially if the procedure is done to the child. It can not be carried out if the baby has a fever. Even if the readings of the thermometer barely exceeded the mark of 37, it is better to put the bath for the baby feet off. The matter is that the raised temperature is already loading for a children's organism. Therefore, to arrange additional tests it is not necessary. And here a rhinitis or cough without temperature to facilitate by warm trays it is possible. If the child is allergic to mustard, essential oils or other additives that are used for steaming legs, you need to act very carefully. In these cases, you can simply use warmed water without adding anything or with weak herbal decoctions.

Precautions should be taken ifthe child has some diseases of the cardiovascular system. The fact is that warming up the legs is a very serious strain on the heart. In this case it is better to consult a pediatrician or to refuse the procedure altogether. It is better to forget about the procedure even if there are any rashes on the baby's skin: allergy, perspiration and others. Essential oils or mustard will cause additional irritation of the skin and aggravate the situation.

How to soar baby legs?

The procedure is best done at night. For her, you need to take a deep basin or a bucket: it's better if not only the feet but also the lower part of the shin are covered with water - so the limbs will be warmed up more efficiently.

Mom often has many questions aboutwater temperature. Remember the following: water in any case can not be made with boiling water. So you can hurt, but not cure. The optimum water temperature is 40 degrees. It is this kind of water that ensures the expansion of blood vessels.

But the bottom of the basin can be toweled with a largenap, put a loofah or manually do a baby foot massage. This will enhance the effect of treatment. All this time the child needs something to occupy: to come up with some kind of game with bathing legs or just read a book.

Three minutes after the beginning of steamingbasin, you can pour a little water of the same temperature to prevent its cooling. And even after about 5 minutes in the tank you need to add water slightly higher temperature (45 degrees). This will ensure the gradual heating of the legs. After 3 minutes, the procedure must be completed. In total, the foot bath should be done about 10 - 13 minutes. After this, the child's feet need to be wiped dry, put on cotton first, and then terry or woolen socks. It's good if the child falls asleep immediately. Warm baths for legs can be arranged 2 - 3 times a day. After these procedures, the child is better to lie down or fall asleep, but in no case can not go out.

What can be used to prepare the solution?

For medicinal foot baths, water with added essential oils, decoctions of herbs or dry mustard is suitable.

In all three cases, you need to act with knowledge.

Steaming legs with mustard is the most popularremedy for the common cold. The fact is that the mustard has an additional warming effect. To use mustard for this purpose began many centuries ago. In the course already then came the seeds of this plant, containing useful essential oils. Together with warm water mustard powder has a good therapeutic effect.

To prepare a mustard solution you will need2 - 3 tablespoons of dry mustard (1 tablespoon of powder is usually consumed per liter of water). It is sold in pharmacies and regular grocery stores. In the water heated to 40 degrees, you need to add this ingredient and mix it well with your hand. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it with the amount: the skin of the children is very tender, and the mustard is famous for its burning.

For steaming the legs, essential oils are also used: eucalyptus, mint, pine, fir. In the prepared water, add 2 - 3 drops of oil. Plus such trays is that incidentally the child passes and inhalation procedure, inhaling vapors of an oil solution. It is very useful for colds of the respiratory tract.

If you use mustard or essential oils forfor some reason it is impossible, and decoctions of herbs will do. In the water you can add broths of turn, sage, mint, chamomile. 2 - 3 tablespoons of dry herbs you need to pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist. After about 40 minutes, the broth can be diluted with warm water and proceed with the procedure.

If the foot bath was made with some additives, after steaming the baby's legs you need to pour clean warm water.

The procedure can be performed for children older than 9 months.

Often moms make babies so-called drymustard compresses. This method is suitable if the child can not sit down to get his feet in the water. For a dry method you will need: 2 tablespoons mustard powder and two pairs of cotton socks. Socks should be warmed up on the battery, and the baby's feet are well rubbed with a towel. Next, the child needs to wear one pair of socks, and then, falling asleep in the second approximately a tablespoon of mustard, put on the baby and them. After that, the baby is better wrapped in a warm blanket. So the mustard will also produce a good warming effect.

Feet will sweat, the skin will absorb valuablemustard essential oils. Two pairs of socks are necessary. In no case should it be allowed to directly touch the mustard powder with the baby's skin, since in this case a burn is possible.

You need to soar at the very first signscolds. So the procedure will have the maximum heal-improving effect. A foot bath can be made to the child and in order to prevent the disease: if the child has been exposed to rain, has gotten wet feet or just froze in cold weather.

Folk methods of fighting colds in childrenuse can and should be. It is important to apply other ways of treating the common cold along with the steaming of the feet: for example, to practice rubbing, copious drinking, washing the nose, inhaling.

In this case, even the most innocuous methods of traditional medicine should be used correctly, so as not to harm a small organism.