What will help with swelling of the feet

11 July 15:54, 2011

Hello, my name is Anna. To me of 26 years, at me the first pregnancy of 28 weeks. One week ago, my legs began to swell (I've never had it before), my gynecologist says that this is the initial stage of gestosis. Treatment she does not appoint to me, except that to go on a diet (to do unloading days for 1 kg of apples, and a small piece of boiled beef and all this without fluid all day). She told me to drink a diuretic any. But I have a problem of BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, and ALLERGY on the pollen of very many herbs. What do I do not mind the mind. Help or assist advice or council, please, that it is possible to apply in my case. And what to do or make if suddenly the allergic reaction will begin? Thank you very much in advance

11 July 16:29, 2011

Tell me please, did you give a general analysis of blood and urine from the time of edema, and if so, what are their results? This information will help to answer your question more accurately.

July 12, 08:57, 2011

Hello again. The analysis of urine passed 08.07.11 g. The result is a negative protein (and unfortunately I do not know what else is noted, but probably leukocytes), leukocytes 3-4; 06.20.11. protein negative, leukocytes 2-4; 01.06.11. protein negative, white blood cells 1.
Last time I took the blood test on 06.06.11. leukocytes 9.7; Erythrocytes 4,32; Hemoglobin 134; Hematocrit 35.7; Thrombocytes 172; Eosinophils 2; Sticks 3; Segments 63; Monocytes 4; lymphocytes 28.
BIOCHEMISTRY OF BLOOD 06/06/11: ALT 13.1; AST 17; BIL.PR. 0.8; BIL.OBSCH. 4.4; GLUCOSE 5.05; OB.BEL.67.2; URGENT. 2.53; BY -; FIBER. -.
Another gynecologist advised the use of CANEFRON or phytolysin, but after reading the anotation of trust, they did not inspire me. Thanks for the answer.

12 July 14:11, 2011

Be careful with unloading days. According to the survey, you have increased the number of rods and monocytes in the blood, this may indicate a latent intoxication, with such severe restrictions in food and water, this intoxication may increase. Kanefron You can drink boldly (if there is no allergy to ingredients).

August 22, 13:46, 2011

At me 26 week of pregnancy, one week ago at me the heels have begun to hurt or be ill; be sick and strongly swell a foot! Tell me please, what should I do?

August 23, 11:37, 2011

You need to consult a doctorgynecologist and nephrologist should exclude kidney damage and development of edema as a result of this pathology, as well as gestosis of pregnant women. Only after carrying out personal inspection and examination, the doctor will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment.

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