Baths with foot swelling

Swelling of the legs indicates that in the bodythere have been some changes. Swelling of the feet appear during pregnancy, because of the increase in total body weight, changes in diet, increase the load on the liver and other organs. But if you do not have to become a mother in the near future. it is worth paying attention to the edema of the feet.

Do not delay the time, see a doctor. Examine the liver, kidneys, digestive system and metabolic system, check for inflammation of the lymph nodes, pay attention to the appearance of varicose veins. In addition to all of the above, the cause of swelling of the legs can be a long pastime on the legs and normal overwork. In this case, we will help to remove foot edema folk recipes of treatment.

Folk remedies for leg edema suggest not only taking infusions inside, but also taking baths and rubbing.

Trays from feet swelling

Well-proven foot baths withaddition of sea salt. The water temperature should not be above 35 ° C. Sea salt in the absence of it can be replaced by ordinary stone. Salt must be dissolved in water, hold the legs in it. Then, with the remaining water, you must moisten the towel and wrap it around the calf and calf. And if the solution is heated, moisten the towel and attach it to the waist. Swelling will quickly go away, but it starts a profuse urination.

It is good to add decoctions from the fragrant, chamomile, clover to the bath. These herbs well relieve puffiness and simultaneously soothe the skin.

When swelling of the feet should be used trays of strong decoction of the grass of the lice.

You can use the collection against puffiness number 1. To do this, take 2 tbsp. l. leaves of birch warty, nettle. 2 dessert spoons of the violet tricolor grass. A tablespoon of a mixture of herbs pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to stand for 20 minutes, then strain. Take half a glass 4 times a day.

Means for swelling of the legs for oral administration

Decoction of figs is very popular folkremedy for swelling of the feet. Fleshy juicy fig fruits are boiled in water with the addition of soda and dolphin. It is recommended to take this remedy on one spoon three to four times a day.

Tea with mint and lemon balm is useful for swelling of feet. These herbs are good relaxing remedies, which are recommended at the end of the day.

During swelling of the feet it is recommended to drink drywine, pre-mixed with honey. On 2 parts of wine one part of honey is taken. This recipe is also useful for obesity, those who are trying to get rid of excess weight. When treating edema, the drug is taken before meals three to four times a day for 50 grams.

If you suffer from severe swelling, try drinkingdecoction of parsley. Parsley, foliage and roots are finely chopped. A glass of the received mass is poured with two glasses of steep boiling water. The mixture should be allowed to warm for 8-9 hours. Next, the infusion should be filtered, squeezed out the remainder, add the juice of one medium lemon. Infusion should be taken on a third of the glass for two consecutive days, take a break for 3 days, again take 2 days in a row.

One teaspoon of herb tea (orthosiphon), poured a glass of steep boiling water. Insists 15 minutes. Ready to take infusion filtered on half a glass in a warm form 3 times a day.

External remedies for leg swelling

With edema of the legs, you can use a decoction ofKalanchoe. A half-liter jar is filled with Kalonhoe leaves. pour vodka to the neck. Let it brew in a dark place for two weeks. The finished product is used for rubbing the legs.

A good remedy comes from the roots of the nettle,if they are crushed and boiled in vegetable oil. Broth let it brew. Lubricate the feet with swelling at night, rubbing the oil in the legs until completely absorbed.

Contrary to all beliefs with swelling of the legs should not beabusing means accelerating urinary excretion. If the liquid is abundantly removed, its removal is from, and not from those tissues from which we are trying to withdraw water. For this reason, such treatment is fraught with the formation of thrombi in the blood vessels.

Remember, the above remedies for foot swellingare intended only for the removal of edema of the feet. In the presence of any disease, these recipes will not cure. If after receiving funds from swelling there will be no positive results in treatment, you should consult a doctor to find out the true cause of the disease.

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