Honey with swelling of the feet

Especially often with the problem of edema of the legs occurwomen, especially during pregnancy, nevertheless, such a problem can remain and after the birth of the child does not always go away with the birth of the child and for a long time. Most women swell around their feet and ankles, as in these tissues, liquid can accumulate, and it is fairly easy to identify, and for this you should press on the swollen part of the body with your finger and in the event that the fingerprint is preserved, it speaks of edema. Basically, the lower extremities swell, especially in hot weather and this is physiological explanation. Nevertheless, swelling of the legs indicates a number of diseases.

The main cause of swelling of the legs are thea variety of pathologies, and especially the cause is the disease of veins, especially varicose veins, as well as phlebothrombosis and thrombophlebitis. This is associated with an increase in intracapillary pressure, which is why the outflow of blood from the ankles slows down and there is swelling, which is accompanied by pain and reddening of the skin. Another, important cause of edema of the legs, is heart failure, with a violation of the heart, so the fluid begins to accumulate in the tissues of the legs.

The cause of edema of the legs may be bronchial asthmaand lung disease, which also leads to disruption of the heart, as well as stagnation of blood, which leads to an increase in venous pressure, and also develop liver and kidney disease. And when the liquid accumulates in the liver, then ascites develops, and then the swelling passes to the legs. Therefore, with swelling of the feet, you should consult a doctor and find out the cause of the edema, and then conduct treatment for that organ that is sick and causes the development of edema.

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Cerebral edema occurs with accumulationfluid in its tissues, and this is accompanied by increased intracranial pressure, which is the main reaction of the body and intoxication as a result of poisoning, especially.

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