Knee highs with foot swelling

With the problem of swelling of the feet,many. Some believe that this problem is exclusively cosmetic, which is manifested by the use of a large amount of liquid. However, swelling does not just happen. Consider the causes and treatment of leg edema.

The appearance of edema is caused by muscleinsufficiency of the walls of veins. Lead to this can physical exercise, heredity, unbalanced nutrition. Over time, the veins lose their elasticity, become weak, and can no longer function normally as their blood transfer to the heart. This leads to the fact that the blood stagnates in the veins, which slowly begin to stretch, which leads to edema of the legs and the appearance of characteristic burning and pain. If you find that your legs are swelling, the cause of this problem lies in the failure of the blood supply system.

When swelling of the feet burn, hurt, it becomes more difficultMove, on the surface of the skin appear veins of blue color. If you do not start treatment on time, venous insufficiency can turn into more serious diseases, such as phlebitis, or else venous thrombosis. After a while, venous eczema and hypodermitis may appear.

Swelling of the legs may occur for other reasons. Metabolic disorders, kidney disease, flat feet, stasis of lymph, excessive strain on the legs, can also affect the health and condition of the legs. If you are increasingly faced with swelling of the feet, then you should definitely consult a doctor, because swelling can talk about the presence of heart failure. Even swelling at a young age can indicate problems with the vessels. And in elderly people, edema is most often associated with cardiac diseases.

Identify the presence of varicose veinsyou can by the characteristic wreaths and capillaries on your legs, but if you feel heaviness when swelling, and if your relatives have already encountered this problem, then you should not look for the causes of the illness yourself, but go to a cardiologist or therapist.

If the problem of swelling of the legs is orthopediccharacter, then in such a situation you just need to find the right shoes that fit. Shoes should be worn on a low heel. Shoes should be wide enough to keep your fingers relaxed. In general, shoes should not squeeze fingers and feet. Treatment of varicose veins involves wearing medical tights or golf. They will support the tone of the vessels, preventing the stagnation of blood, activating the blood flow. Golfs and pantyhose are produced in such a way that the greatest compression falls on the bottom of the legs, and the smallest focuses on the upper part, which promotes better blood circulation.

Preference should be given to golf courses orpantyhose, since stockings can pull the vessels of the hips, which increases the load on the circulatory system. To avoid the appearance of edema of the legs, try after 7:00 pm to use less fluid, and also apply methods to get rid of the body of excess water.

Diuretics for swelling of the feet

Decoction of linden flowers, birch buds and leaves,as well as the extract of field horsetail is an excellent diuretic. We take 2-3 tablespoons. components, mix thoroughly. Then take 1 tsp. mixture and pour a glass of boiling water. After 30 minutes drain the remedy. Treatment provides for the use of decoction of each 1 tbsp. three times a day after meals. The course should be 3 weeks.

A good tool can be a plant astragalus. Decoction of this plant is able to reduce the manifestation of swelling of the legs, besides it positively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system. To prepare the broth, you need to take 10 g of the plant, pour boiling water, let stand and after the filtering take. This tool is recommended to take for two weeks 3 times a day for 2 tablespoons. After three days of interruption, the course of treatment can be repeated again.

Other methods to combat leg swelling

A wonderful tool for tired legs arebaths and wiping with ice. In a bath filled with cold water, we lower our legs. We keep them for 5-10 minutes, massaging them with light pinches. If you want, you can pour sea or salt in the bath.

Helps cure swelling of the feet with garlic. Pound the head of garlic with a glass of boiling water. We are waiting for the product to cool down. Then rub the foot with the gruel, leave it and wash it off after 30 minutes. People with varicose veins are not advised to take hot baths and showers, as hot water can lead to vasodilation and stagnation of blood.