Legs swollen and firm

3 months does not disperse the hardening on the left foot. At me a thrombophlebitis. I use various ointments, but nothing helps. First the leg became a burgundy color, then the redness was managed to be removed a little, but the hardening on the vein did not change. Tell me, please, that this could never have been this before? And what treatment can I still apply? Thank you in advance.

Symptoms: hard swelling of the left leg from the ankle to the knee

You need to consult a phlebologist(examination, ultrasound) to assess the prevalence and nature of the pathological changes in the venous system, determine further tactics of treatment or prevention. The first recommendation for thrombophlebitis is the external elastic compression of the limb (elastic bandages or the wearing of compression knitwear) - regularly, daily and constantly during the day. We also recommend the use of venotonizing drugs (detralex, antistax, phlebodia, venoruton), topically you can use ointments with heparin (heparin, thrombless, lyoton) and anti-inflammatory ointments (diclofenac, voltaren, fastum gel, etc.). Once again I will note that with thrombophlebitis it is necessary to undergo treatment under the supervision of a phlebologist (or a vascular surgeon, a surgeon).

Ask a phlebologist