Strongly swollen legs in the elderly

Ludmila Mudrets (15660) 6 years ago

70 years? Hospitalize. Let them examine properly and select the therapy. Do an ultrasound of the heart, monitoring.

Marina Mari Expert (373) 6 years ago

79 years old patient, never treated, not observed.
The doctor was exactly 5 minutes, she said that she could see through her socks that her legs were swollen.
I asked if there could be restorative therapy? She replied that she did not need anything. I measured the pressure with our tonometer.
It took only 2 days. On the basis of what to hospitalize? If there is no swelling to pass?

Ludmila Sage (15660) For a man who neverthere was no perfect pressure anywhere, if she always had it. The second drug can reduce it. If you walk, you have to go the usual way. To the district therapist, cardiologist and ask hospitalization for cardiology. At worst, in therapy. And in a hospital, examine the heart in all accessible ways. Remove swelling. This is the work of doctors. Let them do it. They will select the optimal therapy taking into account its pressure, heart rate and new test results.

Tootsie Thinker (8301) 6 years ago

To the cardiologist and the endocrinologist URGENTLY.

Marta Koshkina Enlightened (21717) 6 years ago

We will be treated? Artificial Intelligence (194779) 6 years ago

But what will we treat? Than is another question, but that's What. The kidneys? A heart? Legs? Bladder? Blood? If it's all the same, then just let it hang upside-down around the clock: you can not think of a better means!

Victoria Zaryanova Guru (3669) 6 years ago

Edema on the legs can be from heart diseasewith heart failure - the result of stagnation of blood in a large circle of blood circulation and fluid retention in the body. Here it is necessary to see a doctor and remove the ECG. Also, swelling can be with kidney disease, varicose veins of the lower extremities, thrombophlebitis.

I Thinker (7220) 6 years ago

Marina, even doctors will not diagnose and treat the patient in absentia. Conclusion: quickly to the doctor! Or doctor home!

Marina Mari Expert (373) 6 years ago

The doctor appointed 1 tab. triampur compositum. She did not tell me what swelling was from.
The coronale has written out. Pressure of 120 on 50. Other treatment has not appointed or nominated.
I'm not a doctor, but it seems to me that this is not enough.

Ludmila Sage (15660) The smaller the tablets, the better. Treatment is classical. Diuretic + beta-blocker selective.