Salt baths from leg swelling

If recently you suffer from increasedtired legs, pain in the feet, a sense of discomfort, make a bath every day. After a while you will feel that you become less tired, and the pain is gone.

Keep feet in the bath should be 7-9 minutes, exceed this time is not necessary. Salt baths can have very different effects. so their content depends on what kind of result you want to get.

At the first signs of a cold, such abath. Take the pine needles (in the form of butter or extract), add three dessert spoons of sea salt. Fill with water. The temperature should be pleasant for the feet - not cold, but not too hot.

Just make a bath of tired legs. Two small handfuls of salt dissolve in warm water. After taking, apply a nourishing cream or cream on the feet from swelling and fatigue.

Will help to remove fatigue and a bath with additionessential oils. Choose what you like best - mint, rosemary, pine. Any oil. known for its toning ability, will do. In the water with salt it is enough to drip just a couple of drops of oil. Similar procedures will refresh your feet, give you a sense of strength and save you from an unpleasant smell.

Salt foot baths help and from increasedsweating. Take a basin of warm water and dissolve there two guests of salt (you can use both cookery and sea). Keep feet in this water for ten minutes. After you apply a light cream to your feet, a greasy cream will not work for you.

To get rid of edema, take a bath with salt. Fill the tub with warm water, add about 70 grams of table salt and immerse yourself on the chest. Note that saline baths can increase pressure. so if you have a tendency to pressure jumps, do the procedure no longer than 5 minutes. Usually the salt bath takes about 20 minutes. After all, be sure to stand under the shower to rinse the salt off the body.

Remember that small wounds on the body when in contact with salt will be strongly pinched. Therefore, if any, salt baths should be abandoned for a while.

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