Gel for swelling of feet

Removes swelling of the feet, it smells nice, it is applied comfortably.

A bit expensive.

Kind time of the day readers of my review!

I think almost every second pregnant woman encountered swelling of the feet, a feeling not of pleasant, and when it's summer, heat and drink are like often, but not impossible, then twice as dreadful!

I had such a situation last summer, and my work is constantly on my feet (I'm an educator) and not that by the end of the day, and already in the middle I could not feel my legs.

My cousin, who very oftenuses cosmetics company "Yves Rocher" advised to try a cooling gel, this manufacturer, to remove fatigue of the feet. She said: "I was helped."

I tried and. about what this bliss is when your tired legs seem to be a cool breeze, fatigue as it has not been and plus pleasant to touch, smooth and gentle footsteps.

The consistency of the gel is not very thick, but not liquid, the gel is conveniently applied, does not spread and is quickly absorbed. The color of the gel is pleasant, gentle-lilac, and the smell is very thin and delicate, a mixture of lavender and mint.

Your tired feet with a cooling gel for the removal of fatigue Yves Roshe Soin Vegetal Beaute des Pieds will not only be rested and without swelling, but also well-groomed, smooth and pleasantly fragrant.

At a cost the product is a little expensive 120grn (about 310rub), but it's worth it, I advise you to try, you and your feet will be happy.

Overall Impression. Relieves swelling of the feet in pregnant women.