Possible causes of swelling of the legs

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central nervous system

Congestive heart failure. An early sign is almost always swelling of the legs.
Circulatory venous gangrene. With this rare form of venous thrombosis, cyanosis and one-sided swelling of the leg, often spreading to the abdomen and side, can be observed.
Thrombophlebitis. Thrombosis of deep and superficial veins can cause unilateral swelling of the legs.
Venous insufficiency (chronic). With this disease, one-or two-sided swelling of the legs can be observed. In the beginning, the swelling is small, with an impression, then it becomes strong and the skin hardens. Musculoskeletal diseases

Influence of external factors

Burns. 2-3 days after the burn or earlier, swelling, pain and tissue damage may occur.
Intoxication. caused by the attack of a poisonous animal. Local edema of the middle degree can be formed immediately at the site of a bite or burn.
Leg injury. Local edema of the middle degree may form around the injury. Procedures
Leg edema can be a consequence of intravenous infusion.

Venography is a rare cause of foot swelling.