Removal of cerebral edema

January 20, 2012, 14:03

Hello! I write to you in despair! one of my good friends got into an accident exactly a year ago, a terrible story at all! we live in rural areas themselves can understand which hospitals. When A was removed from the car, he was still about an hour lying on the snow thinking that he would die then began to revive him brought to intensive care intubated set a lot of fractures fracture of the lower jaw, fracture of the pelvis and neck of the hip and many other injuries but the worst head injury! in consciousness tried to come but he was artificially kept in a coma at first he moved his hands legs he was tied to the bed then everything began to subside, everyone was waiting for him to die but not. the heart beat was on artificial ventilation of the lungs. began to sound the alarm why wait for the young healthy guy to die! began to call in the regional hospitals in order to transport it to the best! on the sixth day the doctor decided to do trepanation of the skull after which he established the strongest edema of the brain but no bruise. adjusted the treatment of steel to treat the swelling. on the tenth day he was transported to the regional hospital for resuscitation of neurosurgery there he came to himself on the 17th day but did not recognize anyone ninachto did not react just lay staring with his head twisted. now the year has passed has started to recognize native friends to rejoice at them but still does not speak in a wheelchair. I would like to know if it is possible to restore it, what it takes to do it, what to do with it, etc.

Acquire effective drugs to treat this disease

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