Remedy for swelling of the feet

I very much want to thank the Garden of Eden for the rapid delivery of Cordyceps - I drink chemistry and it helps very badly to transfer chemistry without it - thanks a lot.

Very good for arthritis. I have a serious, neglected form of rheumatoid arthritis. A plaster helps more than all the medications that I drink. Shark cartilage also helps

took, we'll see, I'll write later.

nor how not to deal with the use of tincture. Drop drip, it spreads over a large area. Too liquid composition. Maybe you need to apply cotton wool, and then warm your palm? I tried to adjust the pipette, it still spreads to a large area.

took Baozao Binzhu and this drug. So in turn I try on the face and other irritated places. Acts quickly. A slight smell of cheap soap, but then you get used to it and even it's nice, because it eliminates the problems. To solve problems the price is simply excellent. She took herself and a friend, she has frequent allergies to work

I liked the drug very much. Immediately put on my face and irritation almost gone. I have food allergies, in the sun, dust, animals. all quickly calms down, the redness first increases, the face tingles slightly, and then everything passes. Thanks for the good work the store is correct and necessary

the drug is very good. My husband, I drank the package once every three days for a whole pea. And the next one drinks 1/2 times a week. Well regulates the state after stress and before a responsible day, supports male strength and determination. Good at sexual preparedness. We are glad!

I received the order, everything came to me normally thanks a lot!

Hello, my father-in-law has a diagnosis of ALS or WITHOUT, and one you know he prescribed linds, cordiseceps and ASD2. please tell me if he will help these medicines and where to buy them.

please inform. the device from the network or from the batteries and whether the package includes an "active cosmetic product" or I have to buy it somewhere. Thank you:)

Waldemar, hello, tell me pleaseInformation on Lidan Peyshi. I have 2 stones in the gall bladder 0.8 mm and 0.5 mm. brought this drug from China, but I'm afraid to accept whether the fragments will go to the duct or it dissolves?

Something did not help me at all

Tell me, when do you expect this tea?

We bought the drug for my mother 62 years old, discoloredalready all the arms of the leg, the overall condition improved, cholesterol decreased, bruises, swelling, itching. I took three balls in the morning and in the evening, only ten boxes, enough for two months, during the procedure, they canceled all the other pills.

Hello! tell me how to distinguish where the night cream is from the day, on both jars the day is written! color in one white in another yellow. And how to smear it, if it is not smeared on the face (hard lump in the jar).

Hello. My son is 10 years old. Vitiligo since 3 years. Spots on the waist, legs, on the head. Can I apply this medication to my baby and what is the dosage?

Hello, a cream good, freckles have brightened upquickly, but simultaneously there was an erythema and the face was swollen, the strong ecdysis has begun, but the final result has quite arranged me. The result: the pigmented spot on the forehead disappeared, the other hardly noticeable, the freckles brightened by 80 percent. For a week of use I consider a very good result, and I tried a lot of means and the result was almost not there.

Attention! Expiration date April 2016. The price is indicated with a 50% discount.

Attention! Expiration date April 2016. The price is indicated with a 50% discount.

Hello. There was a pigmentation during pregnancy. Prompt, whether it is possible to use a cream at thoracal feeding?