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Good afternoon. Playing volleyball, fell on his knee, hit hard. They performed an operation on the knee (alloplasty of PKC plus resection of a part of the meniscus) Six months passed. Recently there was a slight discomfort in the knee. MRI showed trabecular edema of the bone marrow of the subchondral zone of the medial condyle condyle (contusion changes) and fibrosis of the fatty body of the houff of the knee joint. It is strange that all this was not during the operation. Than to be treated? Is it possible to heal only with physiotherapy or will I have to take medications? Sincerely, Igor.

Husband. 66 years old.
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Hello. For a long time I was struck very hard by a ring finger. The finger remained slightly bent and the knuckles of the joint began to increase over the years and become painful. In the summer there was that that like an abscess and the white weight began to act. I searched the Internet. It turns out - tofus. Recently I went to see a doctor. Aloud the diagnosis did not sound. Baths with salt and ointment with antibiotic. It died down, but it almost oozed. And then the second seal on this joint burst. While the ointment does not help much. It hurts if touched, the finger is crimson. Blood and white matter. If you lightly press (more strongly och painfully), the blood appears, the substance is visible, it does not stand out. What do you advise. Last time handed over analyzes on a urinary to-that in the spring. Norm.

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Eugene, in absentia, we can neither confirm nor exclude such a diagnosis. Communicate with the attending physician.

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According to the description, you do not have tofus, but osteomyelitis. Requires R-shot. Further tactics after receiving the results.

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It can be an infected tofus, andosteomyelitis. And just opened up tofus against a background of prolonged exacerbation of gout. A single analysis for uric acid is poorly informative. You generally need to go to hospital, but do not sit at home.

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the doctor of the traumatologist-orthopedist of the highest category, the candidate of medical sciences, the lieutenant colonel of medical service in a stock

In person to the surgeon or traumatologist for examination.

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Maybe in the hospital it is necessary, but the district surgeon did not come to such a decision for 2 visits. Today was at a reception with A.V. The diagnosis is osteomyelitis.

I'll make an ultrasound, but your answer is to the next.Since the beginning of taking prescribed medications, I felt much worse. Looked contraindications. One remedy is the aggravation of gout, the second causes an exacerbation of gout. Not for this reason the tests went beyond. Next, the Internet says that the picture will show the deposits on the joint. It is unlikely that a surgeon with a qualification
noticed them. How to me to check up a hypothyrosis. Should I stop taking antibiotics, still take tests? Your opinion?

Ekaterina Vladimirovna 10.29.2015 07:55

from drugs, analyzes from the norm will not come out. they can provoke an attack (much worse-this is not a gout attack), but do not degrade the tests. drugs voice. A picture in the studio. surgeons one look, rheumatologists another. and everyone always looks. antibiotics do not stop.