What causes swelling of the legs

  • prolonged standing;
  • plentiful drink during the day, especially at bedtime;
  • long stay on low upholstered furniture;
  • tight, uncomfortable shoes at too high or too low a heel.
  • flat feet;
  • overweight;
  • metabolic disorders.

Legs can swell when malfunctioning the intestine. As a rule, this state is accompanied by diarrhea .

The cause of edema on the legs may be a decrease in the level of hemoglobin or fluid stagnation in the body. As a rule, in this case, both limbs swell.

One-sided puffiness, as a rule, is associated withthis or that local violation. This can be a vein thrombosis, inflammatory processes, accompanied by painful sensations, with this often there is redness.

The appearance of puffiness can also indicate a particular disease.

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