What will help with foot swelling

Your questions are answered by Tamara OGIYEVA, Cand. cardiologist.

What are they signaling?

Edema is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues. It is believed that they appear externally, when the fluid retention in the body is more than 2 liters.

In the cores, swelling initially appears on the legs and in the lumbar region. When problems with the kidneys swell first of all eyelids, face and hands.

At the beginning of the disease, edema may not be visible to the naked eye. Search for them on the inner side of the leg, at the protruding bone, and on the shin - in front of the bone.

Often, edema on the face occurs in healthy people with improperly selected diets, starvation, overwork, lack of sleep.

If they appear in the evening.

If sometimes light swelling appears at the end of the day in young women, people who have to work standing up (sellers, hairdressers),

then there is no serious reason to worry. When we stand for a long time, the pressure in the capillaries of the feet rises - this explains the slight swelling of the calves. Relax on the couch with raised legs and cream-gel on vegetable basis (for example, with horse chestnut, green tea, etc.) will help to relieve fatigue. But if such edemas appear regularly, they go hard, legs hum and they often reduce at night, it is a question of venous insufficiency. There is a risk of thrombophlebitis. It is necessary to conduct phlebography - the study of the vessels of the legs. When problems with pressure often overflows the upper eyelid and superciliary arches.

Also, usually in the evening, heart swelling accrues - the ankles swell, and the face becomes densely-puffy.

Morning swelling on the face (most often around the eyes)can appear for several reasons. In healthy people - with overwork, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol and smoking at night (alcohol and nicotine cause fluid retention in the facial tissues). Cryomassage (pieces of ice), special decongestants for the face,

sold in pharmacies, or a 15-minute compressgrated fresh potatoes or cucumber. As an easy diuretic, you can drink a glass of cranberry or cranberry mors, tea with herbs: bearberry, juniper, currant leaf, decoction of birch buds.

Edema in case of problems with the kidneys begin with the face and eyelids (the lower eyelid usually swells), swelling is mild, watery.

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