The leg in the ankle region is aching and aching

I am 42 years old. Injuries and leg ailments were not. Pain and swelling began to appear about 2 weeks ago. Appear edema immediately after awakening in the morning, when I get up from bed, then gradually pass. During walking, there is a lot of pain, even it's hard for a doctor to walk. And so nothing more worries. There have never been fractures or dislocations. Daily I go in for sports, I run about 2-3 km per day (including through the forest or cross-country), I jump on the rope, I try to return the former stretch.

What is the cause of edema? To which specialist to apply? What tests should I take?

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When there are pain and swelling of the anklesa simple philistine can hardly qualitatively determine the cause of such a pathology. Without a specialist's examination and qualitative diagnostics, it will not work out. But still, a review of the possible causes of such a disease does not hurt everyone. Pain in the ankle during walking can ruin anyone's life, and if the causes of pain are not established, then it will cause more and more excitement. Literally yesterday you still did not worry, you did not fall, did not hit, and today the pain manifested itself to the full. Consider diseases that can cause such symptoms.

1. Injuries. Perhaps the most common cause of pain in thethis place. According to statistics, among the entire list of leg injuries, the 1st place is occupied by injuries of the genital joint and ankles. This type of injury is common among athletes, but not least in the home. But athletes take specific measures to prevent damage to the joint, while an ordinary person may not pay enough attention to this issue. With mechanical damage, unsuccessful jumping, falling joint is injured, and the ankles begin to ache. The consequences can be various: beginning with a simple bruise and ending with sprains and fractures.

2. Arthritis. The term "arthritis" in medicine meansvarious pathologies of joints caused by inflammation. A distinctive feature of arthritis is the presence of fluid in the joint cavity, called exudate. Experts identify about 10 varieties of arthritis, which are distinguished by specific features. When walking begins to occur pain in the joint, there is an erythema on the surface of the skin, the shape of the joint changes. Arthritis develops in middle-aged and elderly people, although, taking into account various causes of the disease, almost everyone is at risk. Women suffer from arthritis more often than men. A sign of arthritis may be pain in the ankle, but most often this disease is caused by knee and hip joints. The bone of the articular bag is covered with a cartilaginous tissue, which gradually begins to wear off over the years, becomes rough, dry out. As a result, arthritis begins to develop, joints begin to move badly, become inflamed, pain in the ankle and other joints occurs.

3. Post-traumatic arthritis. Develops mainly after an injuryconnective tissue of the knee, which resulted in the displacement of the joint. Inelastic connective tissue begins to replace the cartilaginous, resulting in pain and discomfort. Post-traumatic arthritis is characterized by constant progress and increased pain with time. Also, the mobility of the joint decreases, a crunch appears during walking, swelling, and bone aches.

4. Osteoarthritis. Serious pathology, which violatesfunctioning of the musculoskeletal system. Under the term "osteoarthritis" in medicine, a whole category of diseases, not only related to cartilage, but also the joint as a whole, is called. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. This pathology often becomes the cause of loss of efficiency - the patient, in fact, becomes disabled, the quality of life will deteriorate significantly. Osteoarthrosis is spread all over the planet, and along with the hip and knee joints, the defeat of the genitalia is considered one of the most serious injuries of the limbs. Summarizing the above, we can draw conclusions about the main risk factors that provoke the development of osteoarthritis: the female sex; mature or advanced age; overweight; shortage of estrogens in the blood; congenital pathologies and joint injuries. But this is not the whole list of causes of pain in the ankle. Pain in the feet of modern man has become, in some way, something "ordinary". Daily foot joints are experiencing severe stress, and pain in them can appear regardless of age. Most often, pain occurs in those who are constantly on their feet, experiencing heavy physical activity or doing sports.

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