One leg swelled more than the other in pregnancy

</ b> Sage (15376) 4 years ago

Most likely you already have a long term, the uterus, along with the baby, makes kidneys, from this kidney loaches are poorly emptied. As a result, fluid in the body is delayed.
In principle, this is not dangerous and there are mails for all pregnant women. But for this you need to follow, always urinate and measure pressure. Sometimes it develops pielonephritis of pregnant women, everything is successfully treated.
Buy in the pharmacy the tea "Kidney collection" or "Diuretic", can be called differently, and make yourself like tea. All the excess fluid will go out.
Watch out for diuresis (how much you drank for a day of fluids any, even soup, pee you should more)

AS and not only. Master (1272) 4 years ago

This is normal, a smaller fluid and do not sit for long, dangling the legs. It's better to lie down so that your legs are above your body

Poli Artificial Intelligence (155378) 4 years ago

to refuse from preservatives of cucumbers and so forth pickles. generally exclude salt

Irina Sage (10339) 4 years ago

They prescribed me honey. drugs, though weak and they did not help me, and when they have already decided to treat a normal drug (not diuretics, but antibacterial). then I gave birth. Not everything was good, so now I advise everyone to run to the doctor and listen to him.

spring Alena Enlightened (21093) 4 years ago

I have one hand more than another. The doctor said as little as possible to drink fluids-no more than 1 liter per day. Do not overeat. As soon as I began to drink less, it went away. Salty, of course, too, try not to eat, so that the thirst does not cause much. And when swelling, you either have to lie flat, or lift up your legs a little.

Elena Ermakova Profi (745) 4 years ago

too much began to become swollen, complained to the doctor,she examined me and said that it was not those swelling. In the end, I'm on a salt-free diet, or something fatty, fried, I eat only cooked and a little sweetie I allow. Immediately everything was sharply normalized, the body acquired the same size))) is not tasty, but effective