Why one leg was swollen during pregnancy

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy is a well-known andquite a frequent phenomenon, without them a large number of future mothers can not do without. To consider such a phenomenon a pathology or a norm? Foreign obstetricians and many of our specialists believe that the legs swell during pregnancy, without protein in the urine and high blood pressure, this is quite normal phenomenon. Puffiness is divided into several stages - pre-eclampsia, dropsy and nephropathy. Actually eclampsia was treated at the beginning, simply delimiting the consumption of liquid and salt by a pregnant woman.

For a long time already the stages of gestosis are considered to be linksone process. It is difficult to say who is right, our midwives or Westerners, but we need to take into account that the fact that most of the women in our country are late on pregnancy are not looking after their health, so it makes sense to observe any swelling in pregnant women without other symptoms. In addition, do not forget about the level of medical care in our country and the conditions of life.

Vse-taki, what such edemas? The true swelling is characterized by swelling of the hands, legs or eyelids, the skin becomes pale, and remain with pressure pits that do not disappear for a long time. However, there are also hidden swelling, when fluid accumulates in the space between the organs, and not under the skin. They are detected by excessive weight gain in a pregnant woman and a rapid increase in the volume of joints. Also about hidden swelling can be judged by the ratio of water used and allocated, since the kidneys should secrete three quarters of the fluid.

Why the legs swell during pregnancy

The reasons why the legs swell during pregnancycan be divided into three groups: manifestations of gestosis, varicose veins or exacerbation of cardiac and renal pathology. The last cause of manifestation of edema should be treated with special medications that are not contraindicated to pregnant women. Phenomena of heart failure in heart disease, require the termination of pregnancy at different times, because this is a threat to the life of the mother. But edema with varicose veins are the most harmless and do not require special treatment. In this case, you just need to give your feet a rest, a bit of them, lifting, and use under the knee and on the back of the foot creams with hazel or horse chestnut. That's all!

What should I do if my legs swell during pregnancy?

Treatment of gestosis, this is a serious question and it needsto sort out separately. So far, let's look at the dietary aspect of the problem. If the legs are swollen during pregnancy, you do not need to drink much and eat smoked, fatty and salty. For patients suffering from heart disease, the amount of fluid consumed should also be minimal. And for those who have varicose veins, it is not necessary, you can drink as much as you want. And to avoid edema, diuretics should be used, such as a decoction of cowberry leaf, bearberry or parsley. But do not forget about the fact that the liquid comes out and potassium, so it must be replenished with medicines or diet.

And now again about gestosis, everything is more complicated here. After all, the process of its development leads to dehydration and triggers pathological reactions, despite the swelling. It is for this reason that the limitations in the liquid are now not recommended. The only question is what to drink. With gestosis, pure non-carbonated water is not useful, it is better to drink thick sweet fruit drinks or tea with milk, since such liquids draw water from tissues to themselves and significantly improve the condition of the pregnant woman. In the droppers put the same solutions. With gestosis, diuretics are used only if a woman gets enough fluids and does not show signs of vascular drainage. Otherwise, the diuretic will only do harm.