The paralyzed leg

Than to paralyze the limbs.

The recipe is the first. On paralyzed limbs it is useful to impose clay. This speeds up the recovery process. In addition, clay removes swelling, which sometimes happen. Here is the method of treatment.
Clay in its storage and use is nowhere to be foundmust be in contact with the metal. Collect it with hands or a wooden digger. For treatment in general, anything can come (yellow, red, etc.) clay, but the blue clay is especially appreciated.
Collected and brought home clay, you mustgrind, dry in sunlight, and grind into powder. This powder can be stored indefinitely. Immediately before the use (treatment) it is desirable to expose this powder to the direct rays of the Sun for at least a few minutes.
Paralyzed limbs are treated byapplying clays of clay to the limb itself. The lotion is done this way. Powder clay diluted with clear water or infusions (decoctions) of herbs. The temperature should be warm. Dilute to a consistency of thick sour cream. Skin on paralyzed limb wipe with warm water. Apply gauze to the skin. Impose top clay layer thickness somewhere 1 cm. The top wrap folded twice or four times with a cotton cloth, to fix bandages dressed. You can sit, lie, sleep. Do not go out into the street. If there are weak pains - endure. Hold 1 - 2 hours (until you feel that the clay has become dry, and like a "hot"). Clay removed, wipe the skin with warm water, dress, and some more time to be in heat, cooling down gradually. Used clay can not be reused. It must be buried in the ground (in the extreme case - just thrown away). Frequency of applying lotions clay - 1 times of the day 1-2 (guided on state of health).

The second recipe. Take the roots of the sunflower (they are harvested after harvesting). Cut and discard the hair roots, rinse and dry roots. Grind it (with an ax). Boil on low heat in enameled dishes, in quantities: 1 liter. water - half a glass of roots. Boil 5 minutes, drain, but do not throw away the roots. These same roots can then be used again (stored in the refrigerator). Warm broth to grind paralyzed limbs once or twice a day. When the broth is over - take these used roots and boil in a liter of water, but boil for 15 minutes. Decoction apply the same. After that, throw the roots, and prepare the next portion of the broth for a new portion of the roots.

The recipe is the third. Black radish rub on grater. Squeeze the juice. Separately squeeze juice from onions. Mix an equal amount of radish juice and onion juice. Dilute with water in half. Rinse the paralyzed limbs once a day. The disadvantage of the method is a very unpleasant odor.

You can take a bath. But not earlier than three months after the stroke.
The recipe is the first. A glass of dry chopped fruit or juniper branches pour 3 liters of water and boil over low heat for half an hour, remove from heat, insist half an hour, drain. Pour into a bath with water 37-38 ° c. Take a bath no more than 15 minutes.
The second recipe. Take a glass of crushed roots or rose hips. The rest of the recipe is the same as in recipe 1.
The recipe is the third. Take 200 grams of dry herb sage, pour 10 liters of boiling water. Insist half an hour, drain. Pour into a bath with warm water.
The course of treatment - 8 - 10 procedures with one of the drugs. Then, do a one-week break and repeat the course with another drug.

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