After a burn, the leg swells, what to do

Normal process of tissue fluid circulation inthe body consists of its absorption by tissue cells and the withdrawal of metabolic products. But in some cases this conclusion is difficult. As a result, fluid accumulates in parts of the body and swelling forms. Outwardly, it manifests itself in the form of an increase in the volume of individual areas, friability, pallor of the skin.

Strongly swollen feet in the ankle

In the people there is an opinion that the swelling of the legs is a problemexclusively female. And the men supposedly do not suffer from this. In fact, this problem is common. Just a strong sex does not pay attention to such "trifles". Although, if the legs in the ankle strongly swell, this should alert. Since the constant accumulation of fluid in the lower limbs, in addition to the aesthetic side, speaks of diseases:

Often, swelling in the ankles complains pregnant. Less dangerous causes can be considered insect bites, burns, an allergic reaction to medications. Able to cause swelling uncomfortable position of the body for a long time, high air temperature, sprain. But this is, as a rule, a short reaction of the body, which passes by itself or after elimination of inconveniences. In order to determine exactly why swelling of the legs in the ankles, a specialist consultation and a thorough examination of the body are necessary. The patient is given a cardiogram, an X-ray, a blood and urine test, and the kidneys and liver.

What to do in the heat swells the legs

In the heat of the legs can swell even in a completelyhealthy people. This is due to anatomical features of the structure of the body. In a medium with normal air temperature, the heart muscle, contracting, directs oxygenated blood to the lower limbs. She moves through the venous arteries and returns back. In the heat, the body is rebuilt to prevent overheating of the body. As a result, the blood vessels expand, the outflow of blood slows down. Together with this, sweating is intensified and the salts, participating in the excretion of tissue fluid, come out of the body together with the sweat. As a result, fluid stagnation occurs. A person gets swelling of the legs.

To remove the edema and for the purpose of prevention it is necessary:

  • morning and evening to do a contrast shower for the feet to improve blood circulation;
  • "Lighten" your diet, removing from it acute, salty, fatty and smoked, since the excess of these components delays water in the body;
  • to quench your thirst to drink non-carbonated lemon water, unsweetened juices, berry fruit. They will reduce water consumption and restore balance in the body.

After a hard day, you can lie down for a few minutes, placing your legs above your head (on the back of an armchair, chair, sofa). A beneficial effect of swimming and aerobics.

All these procedures will be effective if there are no serious diseases. Otherwise, treatment of the cause of edema is required.

Edema of the feet with heart failure treatment

Heart failure is one of the mostfrequent causes of edema of the lower extremities. The disease develops gradually, for months or even years. Legs - this is the part of the body on which heart failure "signs" in the first place. And swelling at once both feet. The intensity of puffiness increases with the progression of the disease. It gradually moves from the lower part of the limbs to the hips and abdomen. Often this is accompanied by an increase in the liver, dyspnea, tachycardia.

At an early stage of the disease with swelling to copenot difficult. It is necessary to rest the legs, make firming baths, cold compresses and massage. In later stages, only treatment of heart failure will help to put in order swollen legs. Together with therapy, patients are prescribed diuretics and cardiac glycosides, which ensure fluid outflow. Among natural remedies are especially effective:

  • broths of birch buds;
  • infusions of dandelion and its roots;
  • decoctions of parsley leaves.

Experts believe that fruit and vegetable diets can not only reduce the swelling of the legs, but also improve immunity. Unloading days are useful: apple, apple-curd.

How to relieve edema on the legs with heart failure

Taking different measures, it is necessary to remember thatRemoving the edema in heart failure does not mean complete recovery. This is only an auxiliary procedure that allows you to improve your health and appearance.

Ideally, to remove edema with heart failure, you need a whole range of measures, including:

  • improving the quality of life: review the diet (limit the intake of salt, liquid, fat and carbohydrates), normalize the regime of the day (correct alternation of rest and labor), reduce physical activity, reduce body weight;
  • drug therapy, facilitating the removal of fluid from the body and reducing stagnant phenomena. All appointments are performed by a doctor and conducted under his supervision;
  • Surgical treatment to remove fluid from the abdominal cavity. This procedure is indicated in severe cases.

The use of various folk remedies for the removal of edema on the legs with heart failure is possible only after consulting a specialist.

If the legs are swollen for no apparent reason andhelp diuretic, it is necessary to think whether everything is in order with the body. Because this can be a signal of some kind of malfunction, which means that medical care is needed.