Why the right leg swells during pregnancy

Arthur Ryazanov Pupil (88), on a vote 3 months ago

Really. I'm sitting on a pair. I want to sleep very much. Well, I'm head on the desk (we have the usual classes, not the audience, although probably the pose will be the same), and I fall asleep. When I wake up, I feel that my leg has run dry. Here is how I understood, the one leaned on by the body swells. But when I sit, everything is fine.
This is something that can be fixed.

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A A Master (1594) 3 months ago

Most likely this is because of prolonged sitting in thethe same position, your blood vessels are squeezed and blood stagnates. Nothing too serious, I think not. Just have to sit at the desk normally. And you can do the exercise: standing on your toes, then changing position and standing on the heels, this helps to reduce the front and back groups of the calf muscles, which will promote the blood flow through the veins.