The caviar of the right foot is swelling

Good afternoon! At me an osteochondrosis of a lumbosacral zone some years. Frequent lumbar pain. But for a year now, my right foot has been troubling me. It is increased in the caviar area by 2-3 cm. It is visually very noticeable. Feeling heaviness in the leg, bursting and even a feeling of heat. In the back of the thigh, something above the knee something prevents, aches, especially when I'm in a sitting position. There was an assumption that this is varicose veins. but I did UZDS - no varicose veins, okay. The surgeon is lost in conjecture. Maybe this is nerve blocking? To what doctor to address prompt. Maybe you will diagnose and give advice?

(A guest)Inna, 32 years old, Ivanovo region 7/3/2013 20:08

Hello! At me such problem: in 2005 there was a trauma-fracture of a back of 1 lumbar vertebra, it incorrectly srossja, an osteochondrosis, after a trauma began to swell legs. The last year the right leg, the left one, too, edematous, but not so much. I had to walk in men's shoes even in winter. In May, a trophic ulcer with expiring lymph (probably a lymph-yellowish sticky liquid) was formed on my right foot (this diagnosis was diagnosed in the hospital) + the opinions of the doctors dispersed. one said that it is cardiac edema and chronic venous insufficiency, the other is that lymphostasis should be addressed to a vascular surgeon. The lower limb veins I did after the hospital. Pathologies of deep veins were not found. That is, like everything is normal. But the leg is just huge, I walk in the house slippers even along the street, my leg is aching, there are reddened areas and ulcers on it. I went to the dermatologist (so I was advised), went through treatment, did droppers and ointment prescribed hyoxisone. The ulcer has dried up, already lymph does not flow, has become covered with a crust, several bubbles have formed, which have burst, they also formed small crusts. But against the background of this ointment, I had the strongest itch (I'm allergic), can dermatitis or something. I brush, and what to do. The leg is still big and breaking it. Please advise what to do next. I already do not know where to go next, to pinpoint the diagnosis and cure my leg. We have a vascular surgeon only in the regional center of Ivanovo, I visited him a few years ago with another problem, he's very bad accepted. Said: "Why did you come to me." "Naturally, I do not want to go to such a doctor anymore. I need to cure the dermatologist, but the swelling will remain .. Thank you in advance for the answer!

Hello! At normal pressure, the legs swell very much, almost immediately the swelling begins in the morning, and by the evening it becomes very strong. I have a diagnosis - an arthrosis, but before such not passing edema was not. What could be the reason?

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