The left leg in an elderly person is swelling

She-wolf Pupil (204), on a ballot 3 years ago

His left leg was amputated above the knee, nowboth legs swell, as well as diseased kidneys and heart, all tried first to help the people. means, now nothing helps. They contacted the hospital, but nothing helped. Tell me what to do?

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lapochka Profi (827) 3 years ago

Certainly still taking medicine for the heart and kidneys. Doctors can change the dosage of medications

madonna Oracle (61841) 3 years ago

Try to have a drink of the field horsetail and brew parsley 1tool spoon on a glass of boiling water, grease the legs with troxevasin, lyoton - this is just an addition to the basic treatment of the heart and kidneys. Good luck!

Natalia Master (1644) 3 years ago

The reason is complicated, and as I understand it does not eliminate it. The difficulty is that the diseased heart and kidneys. Eliminate salt from the diet, just eliminate it altogether.

Eduard Bulgakov Profi (891) 3 years ago

information is superficial. Do not consult on the phone and do not ask the opinion of the townsfolk. go to the doctor and ask for an explanation. There can be many reasons. In general, this is a shitty sign.