Why did my legs sweat after giving birth? What to do

According to statistics, every fourth woman suffersfrom time to swelling and after pregnancy. During the period of gestation, edema of the fetus is natural, a rare woman manages to have some of them, and to avoid the ladies getting used to them, is surprised that they find out how in a few days after the birth the puffiness sharply decreases. Some nevertheless, young mothers swelling after not completely giving birth. What to do in this

the case? is edema and why they are edema

appear? - this is a consequence of the accumulation in the tissues of a large body of fluid. A distinctive feature of this phenomenon is that if you push the swelling with your finger and keep it near the spot, then for a few minutes a small hole appears, but some time later it is leveled off the rest of the skin surface.

Swelling during pregnancy in mostrepresent no cases of any danger. The only exceptions are situations where they are accompanied by strong sensations of pain or increased pressure. But such problems are rare.

The main cause of edema after delivery is an overabundancemoisture in the body. With this pregnancy, the condition is normal, because in order to make that baby, the mother needs a liquid stock. However, swelling after childbirth should be guarded by a woman, especially if she does not flow in a long time.

Most often, the mother of the future swollen legs and hands, but sometimes the swelling is observed in the face, bags under the eyes even or the swelling of the entire body. Consider the prerequisites for the emergence of postpartum edema.

Causes after edema of childbirth

Women who had trouble swelling all through pregnancy,dream to quickly feel slim themselves and fit. In most cases, it fulfills the desire for one week, sometimes after the month of birth. But if this all-happened not the same, the reasons can be the following:

  1. kidneys with problems. If the pregnancy was difficult, and the kidneys did not cope with their function completely, then in order to be able to reorganize into the previous regime (without the need), the child has time. In addition, if the mother is pregnant during the pregnancy or if the urinary system was previously diagnosed, then, most likely, after the birth, edema will last a long time;
  2. Incorrect food. Nutritionists and nutritionists are advised to drink as much liquid as possible in order to maintain the ideal condition in the figure. This advice is definitely for, but is useful to a woman who wonders if to do that with swelling after giving birth, there is no sense in sticking to it. Sometimes, in order to swell enough, have been reduced the amount of drunk daily To. the fluid to strengthen the effect, should be at the time fried from discarding, spicy, salty and sweet food, which causes thirst;
  3. Activity. Just a woman giving birth has a lot of worries. Time is enough not catastrophically, but there are so many cases that there is not even a minute to sit down. In such a situation, edema appears on the legs in the evenings more than the Council. natural for super-active moms: To be in time. Calm down to make everything in the world impossible, you do not have to drive yourself out;
  4. Diseases of blood vessels. In some cases, the cause of the onset of swelling after is the birth of varicose veins. It is a lot of disease of years can not manifest in any way if, but after the birth of the child the legs swell constantly, then you need to consult a phlebologist-doctor with a diagnosis requesting this disease, if she What.

there is to do with swelling after childbirth: treatment methods

Depending on the cause of edema, theirwill be treated different. In order not to guess and not to appoint to herself the accidentally wrong treatment, the doctor needs to apply. He will do the necessary tests, and he will also look at the swelling about the factors that influenced their appearance.

If it is revealed that edema is associated withdiseases sooner, then, kidney all, will need a course of medical treatment. Ignore it is not worth it, as well as its at changing the discretion of the prescribed medications. For mothers nursing there is a separate, very narrow medication group, and all other medications can affect negatively on the baby and do not help in the fight against edema after delivery.

Varicose veins are treated whole. In a more complicated method of treatment is built on simple more: recommendations rest, change the position of the legs, etc. on their own Despite the simplicity, they help to remove only, but puffiness if they are performed regularly and consistently. list Complete recommendations can be obtained from the treating person incorrectly.

With a doctor's diet and excessive activity, the casethe situation is better. In this case, treatment as there is not such. You just need to change or adjust your lifestyle, though. It is important that, remember now, Mom is responsible not only for his own, but also for himself a crumb, and therefore to save himself and rest more is not a whim, but a necessity.

General recommendations for the removal of edema after childbirth

From a woman, swelling suffered long before the advent of modern medicine. And to make their lives easier, they found and invented ways to relieve puffiness.

edema Since after childbirth most often legs onarise, the first thing to do is to give the legs a rest. What does it mean? time from Time it is necessary to lay down, and so, legs that have been lifted above a head - promotes it outflow of blood. And one should not do this once a day in the evening, and periodically - every hour or two.

In addition, it will be useful to perform small exercises:

  • Circular feet of movement on and counter-clockwise;
  • Lifting short and legs walking on toes;
  • Rolls from sock to back and heel.

Sitting is also right: you can not cross legs, even on the ankles. Should the back be straight, and the chair comfortable, not the arteries pinching on the legs.

Sleep best on the side of the left - this improves blood flow. If you have to stand in one place for a long time, then you need to climb periodically on your socks.

Foot massage and salttrays for removal. fatigue-like procedures are best to sleep before, and for greater efficiency in salt water with together you can add a decoction of chamomile juniper or.

To thin the blood and reduce after swellingchildbirth can be included in the diet products such as viburnum, grapefruit, grapes, lemon, tomatoes, sea buckthorn. However, it is necessary to do this carefully, because the organism of a young mother is sensitive to new products and can react to them with allergies.