The legs swelled and were covered with red spots

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

Dear Elena Olegovna, more than 10 years ago,I began a strange disease: the legs (beginning from the feet and to the knees) were covered with small red dots, which were scratched to the blood. No one can diagnose me. With time, so badly itched off, but these small points now covered all the legs and they appeared on the hands, sometimes it itches, but not so much. Terrible sensations after using a washcloth, as if you were ripped off your skin. Tell me please, what is capillarotoxicosis, does it have to do with my illness, what kind of doctor should I go to and what examinations? Thankful in advance, Galina.

Галина, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 48 years old

Capillarotoxicosis is a disease of small vessels. In principle, by description, it is possible. Another option is only allergic problems. Start with a visit to a specialist rheumatologist.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

Pain in the leg. Kleila wallpaper, moved furniture (not heavy, without straining). Since then it's been three days already, and suddenly in the evening →

05.12.2008 | Natalia, 50 years old