Flushed feet on the plane what to do

Anyutka Master (1657) 4 years ago

If you really want to get rid of edema, thenit is necessary to reduce the intake of animal and vegetable proteins (peas, beans, soybeans.) and salt of course, and the best way to starve for the beginning of the day and see how you will get swelling, often urinate, the belly will be drawn. I think it's better so than upload yourself with unnecessary chemistry and even more to ruin your health.

Irish lace Enlightened (28198) 4 years ago

salt less eat and green tea drink

alevtine Enlightened (29386) 4 years ago

do applications of blue clay, clay draws liquid, you can still make trays with sea salt

Anyuta Enlightened (43983) 4 years ago

to test your health, but above all the heart and kidneys. And from edemas is good helps mono-diet on rice 3 days and legs of slivers

Tatyana Yuryevna Guru (3146) 4 years ago

First, you need to establish the cause.
In the evening, after showering (or bathing) I spread my feet with some kind of remedy, I massage them thoroughly and put them on the sofa across, and I throw my feet on the wall and lie in such a pose until I get bored.