Legs swelled with fatigue

Female legs are often fatigued at the endday, because we like to wear shoes with heels and wedges, which often does not spare our limbs. Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but when it comes to health and normal vitality, we should not forget about the means recognized to facilitate our life. To such it is possible to carry and a cream from weariness of legs or foots.

Unfortunately, fatigue in the legs is notonly model shoes and long walking. Often this sign is the first bell from the body about the occurrence of a dangerous and unpleasant disease, varicose veins. If you observe at yourselves:

  • aching pain, a periodic feeling of raspiraniya in the muscles of calves;
  • swelling in the legs;
  • heaviness, pain and fatigue in the legs after a load (heels, walking),
  • then it is worth considering the use of a good cream from foot fatigue, as the first means of preventing and combating possible varicose veins.

Effects of foot cream for fatigue

Many cosmetic brands produce specialcreams that enable the activation of metabolic processes, stimulate blood circulation and lymph drainage, strengthen vascular walls, relieve swelling, severity of pain and fatigue in the legs. This is achieved through components, often of natural origin. The most popular components in this respect are horse chestnut extract, arnica, propolis, essential oils of mint, grape seeds, menthol.

How to choose a good cream for leg fatigue?

Fortunately, in our time the choice of a cream to removefatigue of the feet is not a difficult task. Virtually any cosmetic brand has a line of uhodovyh funds behind your legs and if you have certain preferences in face creams - pay attention to the other means of a favorite brand.

One of the inexpensive creams can boastthe Russian manufacturer Green Mama. Their cream for tired legs with a chestnut and propolis has long been fond of a lot of women. Natural components and low prices are indisputable advantages. But the expressed cold action of a cream not all will be to their liking.

The French manufacturer Yves Rocher alsoproduces an excellent cream that removes fatigue in the legs. The SOIN VEGETAL CORPS product contains menthol, sesame oil and Indian chestnut, and it cools your feet well during the summer heat, when by the evening there is no longer any strength on your feet. But its price can not be liked by every girl.