Legs swelled over the knees

Formation of fat deposits over the knees -a real problem for many women. Of course, the girls do not want to give up stylish clothes. But spectacular skirts, short dresses and shorts become inaccessible when the legs look bad, have an unsightly silhouette! Why do these unpleasant "bags" form above the knees, how to deal with them? First and foremost, it is important to start taking preventive measures. A moderate diet is useful, it will be necessary to determine for yourself the necessary minimum of physical exertion, and special exercises are needed to keep the legs in good condition.

It's great if you can figure out whatit was the cause of the formation of fat over the knees. It is possible that you are losing weight, eating wrong, or you have a sedentary job. Harmfully little to move, fat quickly begins to be deposited on your legs, if you eat a lot of fatty, floury, sweet. And sometimes over the knees are not fat deposits, but edemas. Water accumulates more often because of the wrong regimen. It is advisable not to drink before going to bed, eat at least three hours before bedtime. You need to learn how to remove fat over the knees, to fix the result? Remember all the secrets of beautiful legs, recipes for wraps and exercises, make your diet balanced. Then the fat over the knees disappears, the legs will look wonderful!

Secrets of beautiful legs. We take preventive measures
To begin with, try to determine what exactlybadly affects your legs. Take preventive measures necessarily, otherwise exercises, diet and wraps still will not help to cope with fat over the knees.
  • Diet. Analyze your menu. Fat over the knees can begin to form from metabolic disorders. In addition, people do not always notice how they gain weight. And above the knees, fat appears first. It is important to adhere to the correct regime. Reduce to a minimum the amount of fatty, floury, sweet foods, confectionery. You can temporarily give up buns, butter, fatty meat and fish. Give preference to olive oil, low-fat meat and dairy products with low fat content.
  • Drink. It is necessary to pay attention to your drink. Many people drink too much coffee, strong tea, replace various drinks with evening meals, drink water just before bed. All this is bad for the metabolism, it provokes not only the accumulation of fat over the knees, but also the formation of edema. They also look very bad. You should drink more mineral water, green tea, give up strong coffee. To drink last time it is necessary for 2,5-3 hours prior to a dream.
  • Position of the body. Sometimes fat over the knees accumulates because of the fact,that a woman likes to sit for a long time in a fixed position. Think about how you used to read, watch TV, chat with friends. Do you have a favorite position of the body in which you are for hours? We must give up old habits, learn to change postures regularly. This will not only help prevent the accumulation of fat deposits, edema over the knees, but also positively affect blood circulation.
    secrets of beautiful legs
  • Lifestyle. A real problem for everyone who is struggling withfat deposits, - sedentary work. Of course, no one will be looking for a new place and abandoning the usual office due to ugly legs and formed fat. However, it is also necessary to combat difficulties. You will need to develop your own system of exercises for sedentary work, to perform them every day. A few examples of effective classes will be given below.
  • Lack of physical activity. Sometimes women go in for sports, but onlya certain kind. As a result, some muscle groups develop, and all the rest continue to "sleep." In this case, people talk about a healthy lifestyle. Change your approach to sports, physical activity. Small exercises can always be done. Virtually all muscle groups are positively affected by swimming. Great, if you sign up for the pool. It is necessary to walk more often, stop riding in the elevator, it is more preferable to climb and go down the stairs in addition. On the external appearance of the legs this will be reflected positively.
Consider all the recommendations when you begin to fight fat over your knees. Then you will see results faster and will be able to fix them. Features of the menu. We get rid of fat over the knees
Remember a few more nuances so that your food does not provoke the formation of new fat deposits over the knees.
  1. Less salt. Try to salt less dishes. Adding salt, we hold water, fats in the body. Of course, you do not need to give up salt either, but you must limit its use.
    Features of the menu for losing weight in the knees
  2. Less fat. You should eat less fatty. Remember that even a delicious roast skin from a "diet" chicken can provoke the deposition of fats. It is delicious, but harmful.
  3. Eating at night. If you need a snack before bed, choose low-fat yogurt without additives, simple kefir. You will get enough, but fat does not form above the knees.
  4. Vegetables. Great, if you eat more vegetables. They need to cook for a couple, eat raw. You will find useful carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers.
  5. Berries. Include gooseberries and blueberries in your menu. They will also help to cope with fat over the knees.
Adhere to the prescribed diet, try not to eat at night and not to provoke the deposition of fats. Wraps
Perfectly fight fat over the kneeseffective wrapping. Pay attention: when you wrapped, it is best to walk. Thus, fat from the knees will leave faster, it will be quickly split.
  • Seaweed. In specialized stores you can easilyyou will find special compositions with algae. They are designed for wrapping at home. You must first carefully wash your feet, steam them, and then apply on the problem areas over the knees algal composition. Gently and sufficiently tightly wrap the legs with food film, you can wrap your knees with a cloth from above. Be like such compresses for 30-40 minutes.
  • Cabbage. Take a simple cabbage and chop it, andthen fill with fatty yogurt. When you take a bath, steam your feet, you can apply the mask to the fat deposits above your knees. Problem spots should be wrapped in film and left for 50 minutes.
  • Honey. Honey wraps are very effective. You need to take a few tablespoons of honey, add a dice of butter to it. Blend the mixture on the swelling over the knees and wrap these places with a film. Then wrap the fabric around your legs, firmly fasten it. With such a wrap, you can not walk. Just lie down for 30 minutes.
  • Blue clay. Clay is better to buy at the pharmacy. It must be diluted according to the instructions, and then apply the composition to the problem areas. First you need to wrap your feet with a film, then you need to wrap the woolen shawls on them. This procedure is very effective.
Alternate different masks for wraps, conduct procedures every day.

Exercises to fight fat over the knees
To begin with, let us recall the axiom of anygetting rid of fatty tissues - they do not leave locally, but are burned gradually throughout the body. For sure, if you are worried about fat over your knees, then you have other problem areas. Therefore, the basis for physical exercise should be energy-consuming aerobic work: running, walking, swimming, cycling, skiing or roller skating, dancing.

Supplement them with special exercises. Some of them you can perform even sitting on a chair.
  1. When you sit on a chair, just pull your legs forward and hold them so. Perform the exercise 10-15 times in a row.
  2. You can lift your legs, bent at the knees. Raise them in turn, leaving the angle of the bend in the knees 90 degrees.
  3. Knees circular movements when you sit on a chair, and the feet are on the floor.
  4. Lie on your back. Raise your knees bent at the knees in turn, and then pull them forward and lower them gently.
  5. Sit on your knees. Hands must be taken back, leaned on them. Leaning back with the whole body, begin to carefully unbend legs in turn, pull them forward, and then bend again. Try to keep balance well when sitting on one knee, do not lean back too much and constantly lean on your hands. Exercise requires the utmost concentration.
  6. Sit on your knees and straighten your back. Gently bend the whole body back. When you have already deviated as much as possible, fix the position of the body for a few seconds. Exercise should be done 20-25 times.
Also, you should jump with a rope more often, do swings and attacks with your legs. When you start to act in a complex way, fat over the knees will surely disappear!