38 weeks gestation strongly swollen legs

Strong leg swelling, 26 weeks gestation

Age 27 years, height 173 cm, all 63-64 kg.
Monthly from 12 years, regular, 7 days, plentiful first 3 days, practically painless (only 1 day), cycle 31-32 days.
Sexual life since 15 years.
Pregnancy - 3.
1 pregnancy - vacuum abortion for a period of 5 weeks (January 2007), without complications, followed by hormonal contraception.
2 pregnancy - September 2009, spontaneous abortion (complete) at a period of 5-6 weeks, there was no histology; the hospital was already treated with heavy bleeding.
3 pregnancy - At the period of 7 weeks. and 6 days began cramping pains in the lower abdomen, the uzi determined a fetal egg 14.4 mm in size with a hyperechoic inclusion of 4.7 mm without blood flow, a PY in the area of ​​internal pharynx. After vaginal ultrasound - very abundant scarlet blood, hospitalization, scraping. According to the results of histology - uterine pregnancy of the early term, frozen (placental abruption of the hematoma).

At the moment, 26 obstetric weeks of 4th pregnancy. Last 3 days of swelling of the legs

According to OAM from 20,06,2011 - there is no protein in the urine.
Pressure before pregnancy - 115/80, 120/80, from 13-14 weeks began to decrease to 105/70, 100/60.
The last 2 days is kept at the level of 115/80.

The wiggling activity did not change much, but the number of "sessions" of movements decreased from 12-15 times a day to 6-7.
The uterus comes in a painless tone lasting 1-2 minutes 8-10 times a day.
Primavera Multivitamin Complex for Pregnant,iodine 200 mg, Feniuls 2 capsules per day (according to the latest OAK dated 04.06.2011 hemoglobin 110). Also the doctor from edemas (were less) has appointed or allowed broth of a dill 1/3 glasses 3р in day and kanefron 3 times a day on 1 tablet.
I called my doctor today, but because protein in the analysis of urine is not present, the turnout was appointed only on Friday.
Disturbs the strong tension of the skin on the feet and ankles, tenderness when walking.

Are these symptoms of gestosis or simply a reaction to heat? Urgently run to the doctor or until Friday this condition suffers?

Are the swelling now the same as in the pictures in the first post? Do the hands, face? Swelling more in the morning or evening? Do they pass by morning?

There are no preparations for the prevention of edema. It is not good to masturbate pregnant women.
The second doctor is right - you need to drink,as much as you want, one and a half liters - a minimum, if you have a hot - more. Drink often and in small portions. It is better to drink water, you can - a thin tea. Packaged juices, sodas, other sweet drinks should be avoided.
Try to have more protein in your diet - meat, fish, cottage cheese, if you normally carry - beans.
It is not necessary to exclude table salt, food can be salted, within reasonable limits, of course. With salinity, smoked foods and other delicacies, be more careful.
If possible, do not go outside in the heat, avoid standing and sitting with your legs down.
About detraleksa - hardly his reception will significantly change the situation with edema.

It is necessary to continue to control the pressure, in any case - with changes in well-being, in time to take the tests prescribed to you by the doctor.

Sincerely, Olga Ivanovna