Legs swelled after a massage

write your recipe "in the subject". please. their arguments. Why then these "devastating articles?

Here you write and prove!

You need to write and. not even to prove, but to argue and explain. Because not all reading the forum are health workers. Yes, even if the health workers, here's to take me: the average medical worker, something I did not know, something I forgot, I understand something, but not completely. And now, regarding edemas, I repeated for myself again, I remembered that I had heard something.
Explain because to treat the consequence (in this case, swelling) - not a very correct tactic, you need to look for the cause.

And to say that this or that method is bad without justifying it, it is called: "I so want because I so want."

I, for example, think so: I can be with something does not agree and if I know the answer, I will explain why I do not agree. And if I do not agree and I can not argue with anything my disagreement (I think that this is nonsense, and why I can not explain), then I'd better ask and listen to those who share the same opinion and argue it, but I will not "for nothing to chase the air" "humorous" podkolkami. And here I support Anton Fodin: I do not agree - explain why. Truth is born in a dispute (a healthy debate), and not in the pods of each other.

Osmotic factor of edema development.
Factors of edema development. Hydrodynamic factor of edema development.
Edema. Types of edematous fluid. Classification of edema.
DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS What lies beneath the mask of edematous syndrome? Patient with edema of the lower extremities at therapeutic receptions

None of us is not superfluous to read the above-mentioned links.

Salt, "Kapilar", massage and so on. - it's all good, but you need to seek and treat the cause.
And to know how edemas are formed - for us, as for the masseurs, I think this is very important. I now again for myself again, refreshed in my memory, updated the information.
For me, this topic is very interesting. Thanks to everyone who shares, prompts, explains and teaches.

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Lymphatic drainage, proteinuria, OPON and other obvious things, I deliberately went around - as obvious directions. My posts are not intended to teach everything.
Especially I do not write academic dry language - I think it's stupid cheap dressing (except for using the necessary terminology).

From the fact that the topic is "wrapped up" in a dry language -it will not become clearer. Aesthetics in doctors are not in the honor - in the honor of the Charter. Today one doctor told me: "Why amputate fingers with extensive necrosis? They themselves will fall off." You imagine, "they fall off".

Thank you to Nadezhda-K for her reasoning and tact.

Stick stilettos about the etiology and put emoticons on four posts in a row - there is no need to experience and experience (although experience and skill is exact).

Many thanks to Vityaz for the salt bag - I'll try at leisure.

Once again I ask - really nobody works with edemas except Nadezhda-K?

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[/ quote]
To rewrite already for a long time written it somehow it is incorrect, whether not truth. [/ quote]
quite rightly agree with you
[/ quote] once we are talking about the scientific. [/ quote]
I do not talk like that, and I never position myself as a person who has anything to do with Science.
Moreover - I do not want to do science. There are many reasons for this - in particular, science works for the customer (which will be ordered, then prove). In common speech - "adjust the sources for your mess."
This is one of the reasons why I do not workspecialty - there it was always necessary to do "good for the customer" - otherwise the laboratory is not needed by anyone (since it makes real results, not those that are needed)

Science, sadly, in many respects is subordinated to the Market. There is demand - there are studies. Demand fell - the department was closed. Sad, but true.

From this and the attitude to people "from science" I havesomewhat distrustful. Many scientists ungrounded their ideas unjustifiably, they are stoking "competitors". This is a normal business, as dirty as the rest. Either the scientist is a gifted person in the clouds, who is to the earthly.

There are also decent people - they are usually a minority, so to speak, exceptions that confirm the rule. And here before these Scientists - I take off my hat.

I do not believe in Science, I do not believe in Medicine, and I never said I had involvement.