Caviar swelling of legs what to do

Many girls dream that their legs are more beautiful. The problem area is usually the hips, but often the excitement can be delivered and full of calves.

But before planning classesphysical culture and a set of exercises, it is necessary to determine the reason why the eggs are too large in volume. They are usually three: the presence of edema on the legs, too pumped muscles or excess weight. And already proceeding from this, to answer for yourself the question of how to reduce the calves of legs.

The causes of full calves and options,

how to make calves legs thinner

The first reason is swelling of the legs and ways to solve the problem

Is there swelling of the legs, it is quite easy to find out. You just need to see if there are any signs of gum erasers on the ankles in the evening. You can just press your finger on the leg in the dry bone area. In the event that if the depression remains of pressure, which gradually disappears, swelling is present. And healthy, flowing tissues are elastic, they immediately restore the form. Another sign of puffiness can be attributed to the fact that in the evening it is difficult to put on those shoes that you could easily wear in the morning, and you also feel tired in the area of ​​calves and feet.

With edema you can cope with diet,Excluding salted and fatty, and also using diuretics. To ease the well-being can also simple advice: going to bed at night, put a small pillow under the legs. And during the day, lie down as far as possible on the couch, throwing your feet on the wall or the elevation. If your puffiness does not disappear, be sure to visit a doctor, as this may be a sign of a serious illness. When the swelling is gone, a beautiful relief of the calves can be given with the help of physical exercises, step aerobics and running.

The second reason is excess weight and calf correction in this case

If the volume of your calves is increased due to excessweight, you need to go on a diet, start eating properly and include in a set of physical exercises such that are specifically designed to work on this area. So, how to reduce the calves of legs? For example, you can go in for swimming, running, or doing simple caviar exercises: walking the stairs, stepping on your toes, using a step-platform or another elevation (box, threshold, etc.), jump on the rope, walk or jump On the socks.

The reason is the third - pumped caviar and how to fix the problem

The most severe case is if the calves are large involume due to the fact that they are pumped up due to overly intensive sports activities. There are unlikely to be effective methods that can bring results quickly. How to reduce calves in this case? Here you can recommend to reduce the load as a whole on your feet and limit the consumption of protein foods. In addition, it is necessary to exclude the sweet and fatty, so as not to recover, therefore, you will only have vegetables and fruits. You can periodically stretch the gastrocnemius muscles. To do this, you need to sit down, raise your straight legs, first pull your foot towards you, then - from yourself. So you can slightly change the shape of the calves, making them more elongated and visually reduce their volume.

Recommendations and exercises from fitness trainers to reduce calf legs

Exercise 1. Ascending to socks

N.p. - you need to stand upright, and put your feet on the width of the pelvis, and feet in parallel. Make a first inhale, and on exhalation climb up on the socks. Repeat 25 times.

Exercise 2. Lifting on socks on one leg

N.p. - again stand up straight, move the whole body weight to the right leg, while the left one should be torn off the floor, bending it in the knee. First take a breath, and on an exhalation to rise on носочек. Repeat for each leg 15 times.

Exercise 3. Lifting to toe socks with socks inward (with "toed feet" )

N.p. - again, stand upright, and place your legs on the width of your pelvis, and point your socks inside. Make an initial inhalation, and on exhalation climb up on the socks. Repeat 25 times.

Repeat the entire sequence of these exercises twice.

To reduce calves by two to three centimeters, the duration of classes is at least six months.

Some more exercises for those who wonder: "How to reduce the calves of legs?"

Exercise 1. Sit on a small rug on your knees, keep the back straight, and your hands - in front of you straight. In this position, sit on the floor alternately on the left and right side of the thighs, do as long as there are forces.

Exercise 2. A good exercise for calves is to stand on a small hill in such a way that the heels hang. Perform on this hill raising to the toes and lowering on the heel.

Exercise 3. Stretching of calves. Make a step forward with one foot, and palms while resting in the buttocks. Slowly bend the front leg in the knee and gradually sink forward and down, deeper, while stretching the calf muscle of the rear leg and the back of the thigh. If you want to strengthen the stretch, you can move a little further on the front leg, just do not put your hands on it.

In this exercise, the basic weight should always be on the back foot.

The exercise of these exercises will not be difficult, but the calf muscles are dried, and the shape of the legs changes, it begins to look very feminine.