The eyes of the newborn have swelled.

Eyes of a newborn require daily care. What should I do if my child has red, inflamed eyes? How to ease the condition of the baby?

If you woke up in the morning and saw thatThe newborn has reddened his eyes, do not ignore it at all. Consider a glazik and estimate the amount and quality of discharge from the tear duct. Detect the tear duct in the newborn is not difficult: just slightly pull the lower eyelid of the baby, and you will notice a small hole in the inner part of the eye.

If you see that the discharge from the eye of the newborn is yellow, and when you press the tear sack, purulent discharge appears. then, most likely, you are faced with a disease such as dacryocystitis.

Dacryocystitis - inflammation of the lacrimal ductnewborn. Be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe an adequate treatment. Provided that the therapy is started on time, this disease passes within 1-2 weeks without consequences.

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Do not self-medicate and do not dig in the infant's eye breast milk: it contains many nutrients that will be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

The swollen eyes of a newborn

If a newborn has swollen eyes, this givesthe possibility of suspecting its development of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye and eyelids). With the beginning of conjunctivitis, you can see that the baby has swelling, redness, glazik slipsya, there are watery and greenish-yellow discharge in large quantities.

To ease the baby's condition, you can wash the child's eyes with the following means:

  • decoction of chamomile;
  • a weak solution of furacilin;
  • tea brewing;
  • simple boiled water at room temperature.

A cotton swab or a disc soaked in one of theof the above compositions, gently sweep from the outer edge of the eye to the nose. Use a cotton swab once and take a clean one if you need to repeat the procedure. Even if the baby has only one glazik, flush both.

Do not wait until the swelling of the eye passes by itself, be sure to show the child to the pediatrician on the same day!