Arms and legs swelled during pregnancy

Waiting for the baby to be born, pregnanta woman can face swelling. This is an unpleasant phenomenon that arises from changes in water-salt metabolism. Many women complain that they have swollen fingers during pregnancy. Doctors attach importance to this symptom, as the subsequent stages of edema development lead to serious disorders in the body. Therefore, at the first sign of edema, medical measures are taken.

Stages of edema development in pregnant women:
  1. At the first stage, swelling of the feet and shins occurs.
  2. The second stage - swelling of the lower limbs, lower abdomen and lower back.
  3. In the third stage, a woman develops swelling of the fingers and in the face area.
  4. The fourth stage is general edema.
Puffiness can be determined independently, ifto put a finger on any part of the skin. If it is leveled quickly, then everything is in order. If, after pressing, a hole remains, this serves as proof of the edema. The flow of the ankles and feet can be called natural. Most often, this phenomenon occurs in the evening and takes place in the morning. When the edema of the foot is added to the swelling of the fingers, the situation should be corrected with medical help.

If your shoes become tight, you can not put a finger on your fingerwear a ring, and the face has acquired puffiness, then it is already a serious symptoms. They can be a sign of complication - gestosis. Therefore, the appearance of swelling of the hands in the second half of the term will necessarily alarm the gynecologist. A woman is given a checkup. Treatment depends on the data. If the time is not taken, swelling will spread throughout the body. Sometimes swelling has a hidden nature. To diagnose them, doctors regularly measure blood pressure, use weighting and monitor urinalysis. Hidden edema also pose a danger to pregnancy. Too much weight gain, which is not related to the amount of food consumed, can talk about swelling.

Following the recommendations of specialists, it is possibleprevent the appearance of obvious and hidden swelling. If they appeared, but are poorly expressed, then outpatient treatment is performed. Useful during pregnancy is a vegetable-milk diet. Doctors advise also to limit the consumption of salt and sweet foods. Reduce the amount of simple water in the diet should not be, since this only worsens the situation. If you reduce the amount of water consumed, the body will delay the withdrawal of the liquid. Pregnant should drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day, given compotes, cereals and soups. Vegetable collections and teas from swelling can be taken only according to the doctor's prescription.

How to treat swelling in pregnant women

Swelling is indicative of fluid retention in theorganism. Treatment is mandatory, as the situation adversely affects the health of the woman and the fetus. When there is edema in the pregnant woman, the doctor prescribes a course of special treatment. If the woman has swollen and aching hands, then the joints are involved in the process. The situation will require the intervention of a specialist who will find out the cause of the ailment and prescribe the treatment. When pregnancy experts try to use safe natural remedies. For example, some herbs are saved from edemas. But they are used only after examination and according to the doctor's prescription. Diuretic drugs for pregnant women are prescribed in severe cases. These include drugs Phytolysin, Kanefron, Tsiston, and others.

In some cases, with swelling of the hands are impairednerves that are located in the carpal tunnel. This is manifested by numbness, burning and pain in the arm, shoulder and fingers. In this case, it is necessary to limit movements by hand. To correct the situation will help massage, acupuncture and the intake of vitamins. During the treatment of puffiness, great importance is attached to strengthening the vascular system and improving uterine-placental blood flow. To this end, appoint Magne B6, lipoic acid, vitamin E, Magneter and other means.

For successful treatment it is important to observe the correctdaily regime. Night sleep should last at least 9 hours, and walking outdoors should be done daily. Great benefit is also brought by gymnastics for pregnant women.