Swollen feet to which doctor to consult

First of all, you need to turn to the districtthe therapist who will examine the legs, prescribe general tests and send for X-rays. After the results are ready, the therapist will most likely give direction to a more narrow specialist. They can become a neurologist, orthopedist, surgeon, phlebologist, etc.

This is the case in almost all municipalpolyclinics. If you suspect what kind of disease you have, then you can go directly to a specific specialist. To what exactly - prompt in the registry of the polyclinic.

If during the day you are tormented by drawing pain,there is a desire to lie down and throw your legs higher, then, most likely, you have problems with the veins, which means that you should consult a phlebologist or a vascular surgeon. And further, most likely, the direction of ultrasound. Women after 35 years of age generally show advice phlebologist, since they are more than men prone to varicose veins.

A vascular surgeon will help if you are concerned about calf pain. By nature - compressive, fettering, intensified when walking. Perhaps the reason lies in arteriosclerosis.

Shooting pain in the legs, impossibilityto lift the weight due to the appearance of pain speaks of osteochondrosis, which is different. Address to the neurologist or vertebrologu. Worry the pain in the spine, giving back to the sciatic nerve? The cause may be neuritis (inflammation) of the sciatic nerve. Consultation of the neurologist is necessary.

A serious disease is thrombosis of the arteries. His symptoms are a diffuse pain in the area of ​​blood clots. The limb first pale, then turns blue. The treatment of this disease is the surgeon. Knee diseases, in particular arthritis of the knee joint, are common. Arthritis can cause severe pain in the area of ​​the feet. In this case, the surgeon will also prescribe the treatment.

If your pain is a consequence of any injuries, then go to an appointment with a traumatologist or orthopedist. These specialists will also help with such a common disease as flat feet.

Remember, leg pain can be causedvarious diseases, sometimes very severe. Therefore, at the slightest concern, please contact specialists. After all, timely diagnostics and qualified help increase the chances of an early recovery.