Pregnancy 37 weeks of swollen feet

You are already pregnant for thirty-seven weeks. What you still useful to know at 37 weeks of pregnancy? Your baby continues to grow and grow, although the place in the uterus is still not enough. The most interesting is that if your baby starts on the thirty-seventh week, the baby will not be considered premature. Your baby starts moving slower. Since it is difficult to do this, your placenta is about two kilograms, and its diameter is twelve centimeters. The most important thing at this time is that the baby should be in the right position, if there is a pelvic presentation at 37 weeks of gestation, this means that the doctor will appoint you a cesarean section. Therefore. if you are told on ultrasound that your baby is lying wrong, you will need special exercises, thanks to which the child will take the right posture. It is useful to know such moments at the 37th week of pregnancy.

You do not have to worry, because birth on the thirty-seventh week are not at all scary, just at this time the kid is absolutely ready for his birth. From the body almost completely descends the birth grease, it remains only in some folds.

At the age of thirty-seven weeks, your baby has a weight- 2700 grams, your baby's adrenal glands are enlarged, now they are bigger than the kidneys. If at 37 weeks of pregnancy you have brown discharge, then there are two options, or you have cork, or it is erosion. In any case, you need to contact a specialist who will tell you exactly what is the cause of such secretions. If it is cork, then soon you will have to give birth. As well as harbingers of the forthcoming birth, there are 37 weeks of pregnancy when the stomach is stony.

When pregnancy is swollen legs 37 weeks - this is quite normal, because in your cellsthere is a large amount of fluid, so doctors recommend not to wear heels, make sure that you do not start venous expansion of veins. It is useful to know at the 37th week of pregnancy that at this time you will need to pass a number of tests, at this time it will be necessary to visit the oculist and the therapist. Prepare all the questions that interest you and ask your doctor.

If it so happened that on the thirty-seventha week you have increased fever due to infection, it is not so terrible for your baby, as it was in the early stages. But still, it's not worth it to knock down the temperature and treat everything yourself, it's best to contact a professional who will help you find medicines and medicines for pregnant women that will not harm your baby.