Bone swelling on feet

Valgus deformity of the toeis a condition in which damage occurs to the joint of the big toe. This leads to deformation of the latter to the side, which deviates from the midline of the body.

The main cause of the development of the problem is the violation of the tendon-muscle balance. It is also believed that the bones become inflamed because of the wrong shoes.

Treatment of bones on the leg

In "neglected" cases without surgicalintervention is indispensable, but if the problem was diagnosed at an early stage, a special night bandage and other orthopedic devices to correct the shape of the foot will help. Therefore, the first thing to do with such a problem should be addressed to a specialist who recommends modern preventive devices.

Not be superfluous and some recipes of the people'smedicine. Of course, it is important here to understand that it is not possible to "fix" the protruding bone with the advertised silicone linings on the bone and ointments, but it's possible to stop the process of deformation and, as a consequence, avoid "jumping" the second toe on the first one.

Treating stone on leg with folk recipes

So, it is believed that in the fight against the protruding stone most effective plants are:

From the madder of the dyeing, prepare a decoction: 1 tsp. crushed roots of medicinal plants are poured 200 ml of boiled water. The mixture is placed in a water bath for medium heat. After 10 minutes you can turn off the cooker. Then the drink must be cooled and filtered. The obtained tincture is drunk twice a day for 100 ml.

From the dandelion, a mixture is prepared which is applieddirectly on the foot. Iodine is added to a mixture of 100 g of crushed dandelion flowers so that it covers them. The mixture is insisted for 4 days in a dark place, then applied according to the scheme: the legs are steamed, wiped dry and treated with homemade medicine.

Burdock for the treatment of valgus deformation of the footapply on a couple with pharmacy turpentine according to the scheme: 2 large leaves of the plant are treated with turpentine and wrapped around their feet. Over the burdock, a bandage of polyethylene and woolen cloth is applied. To wear all this should not be long (20-30 minutes), as it is possible to get a burn. The procedure is repeated daily for 3 months.

Treatment of edema of the foot surface by folk methods

The cause of this problem can be a hormonal battle, a long standing woman in a standing position, even an insect bite can cause swelling.

1. Quite often, experts recommend in such cases to drink diuretics - they remove excess fluid throughout the body, including in the foot.

2. It is known that edema can occur due to excessive consumption of salt, accordingly, it will be required to refuse or at least minimize its use.

3. It may be advisable to wear special elastic stockings, as well as exercises that are associated with lifting the legs.

4. Still it is possible to lift subjects from a floor by means of legs, or for some time to lie down in such position when legs will be above a heart level - in that case the liquid will gradually leave from stops.

5. So if there is no desire to resort to surgery, you can use potatoes, or rather, cleaning it. They boil for 20 minutes, after which the broth is diluted with water and poured into the pelvis. In this pelvis will need 15-20 minutes to keep your feet. The course of treatment will take at least a week.

6. Or you can apply burdock leaves. First they are treated with turpentine, and cover the entire leg. Here you need to be careful, since the likelihood of getting a skin burn is quite high. To avoid this, the leg should be wrapped in film.