Swollen legs

the legs of both legs are spotted brownshades. The tibia of the right leg is edematic, an ulcer has appeared, it is strongly itched. Was at the dermatologist. Has registered ointment AKRIDERM GK. I smear wounds 2 times a day. Previously recognized venous leg disease. I'm 57 years old, man. Whether treatment is correctly appointed or nominated. Whether other treatment is possible or probable. How to relieve swelling, redness and itching. And I noticed, sometimes at the walk, the thigh of the right leg begins to grow numb, feeling like under anesthesia. What could it be? Advise how to treat venous disease. I live in Novosibirsk. Thanks

You need to go to a consultation not todermatologist, but to the phlebologist. Perform ultrasound examining the veins and treat vascular pathology and ulcer. This is the whole process. Edema and ulcer = this is a venous pathology.

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