Swelling of the legs with pneumonia

Symptoms of central bronchogenic carcinoma:
- A persistent cough or a change in his character in chronic smokers;
- Attacks of dry cough;
- Coughing up sputum or changing its number in chronic smokers;
- Spots of blood in sputum, hemoptysis;
- Shortness of breath when exercising and changing body position;
- Stridoroznoe breath;
- Recurrent obstructive pneumonia.

Signs of lung cancer, which is located on theperiphery depends on the size of the tumor. In the case of a small tumor, as a rule, there are no complaints and symptoms. When the tumor increases, there may be coughing, pain, shortness of breath.

Signs of lung cancer associated with local spread (T3-T4):

- Invasion of the tumor into the nerves is manifested by pain(intercostal nerves), hoarseness of the voice (n. recurrens sin.), dyspnea as a result of paralysis of the diaphragm (n .phrenicus); paresthesia and pain in the shoulder and shoulder (invasion of n. plexus brachialis); Horner's syndrome (truncus simpaticus). The last two syndromes are characteristic of Penkost cancer;

- Invasion or compression of the adjacent tumorstructures. Syndrome of the inferior vena cava results from the direct growth of the tumor into the vein or compression of the vein by enlarged metastatic mediastinal lymph nodes (mediastinal cancer). In this case there is edema of the upper half of the thorax, neck, face, cyanosis, subcutaneous vein dilatation, dyspnea.

Tumor germination in the heart bag, myocardiumcauses arrhythmia and heart failure as a result of carcinomatous pericarditis. Symptoms of esophageal obstruction occur with direct invasion or compression of the esophagus. Germination of the tumor in the pleura with the development of carcinomatous pleurisy manifests constant shortness of breath. Resistant to hiccup therapy occurs as a result of a lesion in the tumor of the diaphragm. Invasion into the chest wall is manifested by a visible tumor with infiltration of soft tissues and destruction of the ribs (radiographically).

Stammering in the Child: What to Do 2009

What if my mother is short.

What to do if the child.

Infant in Kormyansky district died not from nitrates - examination - Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus
As the "KP" was informed by the Investigative Committee,the cause of death of a newborn girl was a viral disease: generalized viral infection of unknown etiology, complicated by edema of the brain and lungs. "Death has a non-criminal nature."

Examination of a patient with bronchial asthma pursues several goals. Firstly, the functions of breathing are examined to determine the degree of their violation, since.

Exercises for Lung Inflammation

Depending on the stage of the disease, the localization of the inflammatory process, the violation of the function of external respiration and the general condition of the patient are selected the most.

Help with the Edema of the Lungs

Quincke's edema (angioedema, giant urticaria) is an acute allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the rapidly developing subcutaneous edema.

Among diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchitis often occurs. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. If this is abundantly allocated.

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